Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review: Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet #3

Issue 3 of this mini-series has Batman and the Green Hornet teaming up to save their respective side-kicks, who have been taken hostage by the Joker and General Gumm.  Batman, believing the Hornet is a criminal, begrudgingly agrees to this.  Once the Hornet is in the Batcave (after a whiff of Batgas and Batwake, naturally), the two crimebusters do some impressive tag-team detective work, with Batman gaining some respect for his green guest.  Meanwhile, Robin and Kato are forced by their captures to fight to the death. Batman and the Hornet arrive in time, even though Robin and Kato made an agreement to pull punches.  Joker and Gumm escape, and the Dymanic Duo head back to the Batcave to deduce where the villains will strike next. It turns out the Green Hornet and Kato apparently have arrived at the destination to rob it first.

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman continue to deliver a good story with clever moments capturing the essence of the TV series, such as the scene with the Hornet in the Batcave, and later, with him climbing up the side of a building with a batrope.  They also showcase Batman's detective abilities, something the show brushed aside in favor of letting the Batcomputer do all the thinking.  The artwork by Ty Templeton is again, excellent, and the Alex Ross cover is worth the cover price alone. This issues earns an A.

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