Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Review: Superman '78 #4

This issue opens with a brief exposition on Brainiac's past, then cuts right to Jor-El passing the leadership reins to Kal-El.  But Kal feels completely out of place, and decides he needs to find a way to get back to Earth.  Meanwhile Luthor, with Lois, are able to place a really long distance "phone call" to Superman, thanks to the little receiver he planted on him.  Brainiac notices the transmission, and heads back to Earth to confront Luthor.  Jor-El also notices the transmission, and says that this is the missing piece of technology he needs that could free Kal-El from the bottle city.  However Brainiac has begun to levitate the entire city of Metropolis.

Once again, Robert Vendetti turns in a great script that captures the magic of the movies, and delivers a lot of fun character asides, especially for Gene Hackman's version of Luthor.  Wilfredo Torres' art seems to get better with each issue. This issue earns yet another A.

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