Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Review: Batman '89: Echoes #2

Issue 2 opens with the revelation that Bruce is on an undercover mission, with the assistance of Drake Winston. Bruce is impersonating the Firefly, intentionally getting caught, so that he can be sent to Hugo Strange.  He gets sidetracked by getting Jonathan Crane assigned to his case instead.  Harleen Quinzel finds out about the capture of the Firefly and wants him to be the focus of the first episode of her new weekly TV show about the criminally insane.  There is a nod to Lewis Wilson, Tim Burton himself makes a cameo as an inmate, Jess Ventura's guard from Batman & Robin, and a character named Maynard who may actually be Edward Nigma, and looks like Martin Short.

Where as the first miniseries had the first few issues with no plot advancement, this issue has a lot of plot advancement and sub plots.  So far, writer Sam Hamm is delivering the goods, and Joe Quinones' art work is also top notch, although the main cover featuring Batgirl is either a spoiler for what is to come, or meant to be the cover of a future issue mistakenly assigned to issue 2.  This issue earns another B+.

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