Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Batman '66 #4

Where as writer Jeff Parker seemed to get everything wrong with issue 3, he makes up for it by getting everything right in issue 4.  In the first story, Batman and Robin have to jet to London to prevent Jervis Tetch, The Mad Hatter, from stealing the crown jewels.  There are nice touches through out the story, like The Beatles on the same plane as Batman and Robin, and both get a fitting welcome.  We see a teenage girl throwing herself at Robin, which seems to be a running gag in this series. We see the British Batmobile, which is very cool (or should I say "gear"?).  As with Parker's script for issue 1, we get some high octane action sequences reminiscent of the 1968 Filmation cartoons.  The art in this story is by Jonathan Case.  It is the same high level as his work on issue 1.

The second story, also written by Parker, features The Clock King who is also in London, as Batman uses his great detective skills to deduce the Mad Hatter had a tech-savvy partner.  It is revealed the Clock King's real name is Morris Tetch, Jervis' brother.  The art on this story is by Sandy Jarrell and is a much better effort than his Egghead story last issue.  Jarrell captures the likenesses of the TV actors better than Case, and there is a moody, noir-ish quality to the art, even if the figures at times lack fluidity.  Not only does this issue redeem the bad taste left by last issue's Joker and Egghead tales, but this issue is also far superior to the lackluster "Londinium" three part episode from the third season.  Issue 3 earns a solid A.