Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspirations for the Marvels

Since the progress for the Shazam movie is at a standstill, I thought it would be fun to look back at the actors who were the original inspiration for Captain Marvel artist C.C. Beck when he designed the characters.

Beck, much like Batman creator Bob Kane, was very influenced by movies, and usually based his characters on popular actors of the day.

Fred MacMurray was C.C. Beck's inspiration for Captain Marvel. The earliest stories bear a strong resemblance to MacMurray, but I think the classic Captain Marvel looks more like Pat O'Brien.

The wizard Shazam was based on Theodore Roberts, who played Moses in Cecil B. Demille's The 10 Commandments.

The evil Dr Thaddeus Sivana was based on Max Schreck, who played the vampire in Nosferatu.

Sivana's daughter Beautia was based on Ann Sheridan.

WHIZ radio station owner Sterling Morris was based on Three Stooges foil Vernon Dent.

Some say Judy Garland was the inspiration for Mary Marvel/Mary Batson ...

...while others say it was Our Gang's Darla Hood.

Freddie Bartholowmew was the actor on whom Captain Marvel Jr/Freddy Freeman was based on.

And Frank Morgan, who played the aptly named Professor Marvel in The Wizard Of Oz, was the basis for Uncle Dudley.

Although there are some who say the inspiration was W.C. Fields.

Billy's girlfriend Cissy Sommerly is said to be based on Our Gang's original sweetheart from the silent era, Mary Kornman.

So, there you have it. Makes you wonder how a big budget Captain Marvel feature film made in the 1940s would have looked like.  Hopefully the new movie will get back on track soon, and will be a true classic.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scripture and Liturgy

Since we are in Advent, I thought I'd do a post relevant to the season.

The New English translation of the Roman Missal

There are two forms of the Mass in the Roman rite of the Catholic Church. The Extraordinary Form of the Mass (sometimes referred to as the "Tridentine Mass") is the ancient and reverent form, where mostly Latin is used, and the priest celebrates it ad Orientum ("to the east"), facing the same direction as the people, as he is leading them in prayer. This form is very beautiful and spiritually uplifting, especially when the priest sings and chants the entire Mass. Unfortunately, since the 1970s, many bishops, in complete error, suppressed and even forbid the celebration of the Extraordinary Form. Thankfully, our wonderful current Pope, Benedict XVI, issued a statement a few years ago that cleared up the status of the Extraordinary Form, proclaiming it is and always had been valid, and every Catholic has the right to participate in this form of the Mass if they want to. It is now making a strong comeback, especially among young adults.

The second is the Ordinary Form (also known as the "Novus Ordo"). It is an abbreviated form compared to the Extraordinary, and has more options, such as celebrating it in the vernacular, allowing lay people to read the scripture readings and to distribute the Eucharist, and letting girls serve as Altar Servers. This form is more casual, and the focus is more on community than on spirituality.

The main problem is that the English translation of this form was done in a hurried and haphazardly fashion, resulting in the English translation being more of a paraphrasing of the Latin source text in very casual, conversational English. The Vatican wisely found this to be inferior, and requested the Roman Missal be re-translated into English in a more faithful way. After a decade, it is finally completed and approved, and will begin to be implemented over the next year.

Having had a chance to read the new translation on the USCCB website, it is a great improvement over the current translation. It corrects many of the flaws, and uses a higher form of English more worthy of the Mass. It also revives a sense of spirituality that the old translation lacked. I am definitely happy with this, and excited for when it replaces the old translation. My only hope is that we also get some new Liturgical music that is more worthy of Mass than the bland "Kingston Trio" style pseudo-folk sing-a-longs we currently have to suffer through in the Ordinary Form. If there are any parish music directors reading, please trust me: chant is your friend. And throw the pan flutes in the garbage.

Oddly, there is a small, yet obnoxiously loud, group of people (mostly far-left extremists... you know, the kind who think felt banners and cloth streamers are more beautiful than traditional statues and icons, and believe holding hands during the Our Father is more important than to recieve the Body of Christ while kneeling) who are against the new translation. These people would prefer all spirituality be removed from the Catholic faith, leaving it little more than a social justice organization.

English Bible Translations

There are several different English translations of the Holy Bible. I will give a quick review of the main Catholic versions.

The Douay Rheims is the traditional Catholic Bible, in use for over 500 years. It is a literal translation of the Latin Vulgate, the official Bible of the Catholic Church for 1500 years. It is accurate and completely free of doctrinal errors. It is in "Shakespearean" English and was revised in the mid-1700s by Bishop Richard Challoner. I use this Bible for serious prayer and devotional reading. In the U.S. in the 1940s, a revision of the New Testament was published by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. This "Confraternity Version", as it became known as, removed much of the archaic language and fine tuned the overall translation. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best versions of the New Testament. It is still available from a few publishers in a pocket book format. Unfortunately, the Old Testament was never revised.

The New American Bible is a modern English version that is translated from original language texts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. Work on the Confraternity Version Old Testament was abandoned to work on the NAB instead. In the U.S., Scripture readings in Liturgy are taken from a slightly altered version of the NAB. This is the only modern translation of the Bible to use the phrase "Amen I say to you" spoken by Jesus in the Gospels, instead of the more common "truly I say to you". A Revised Edition of the NAB is due to be published in a year or two. I hope the new edition will include the altered version of the New Testament that is used in Liturgy (and is very similar to the Confraternity New Testament). Although this version has some critics, I like it, and I use it for more casual reading. (UPDATE: The New American Bible Revised Edition will be published on Ash Wednesday. The Old Testament has been fully revised, and the excerpts I have read seem very good.  The Psalms have also been completely revised, and are much better than the 1992 revision which was riddled with inclusive language and banal word choices.  Unfortunately, the New Testament was not revised at all, so the Liturgical changes, such as the restoration of "Hail full of grace", will not be included.)

The Jerusalem Bible was published in 1966, and in English speaking countries outside of the U.S., it is used in Liturgy (although that is starting to change). J.R.R. Tolkein worked on the Jerusalem Bible. It is hard to find in the U.S., but I have an old paperback copy I found at a used bookstore. I like it, but to me, it reads more like a novel than Scripture (which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage). A revision, "The New Jerusalem Bible", which is not approved for use in Mass due to the use of inclusive language which changes the meaning of some Scripture passages, has been the most popular Catholic Bible in the English speaking world outside the U.S. The revision is said to be a more literal translation than the original Jerusalem Bible. In the Old Testament, both versions use the name of God "Yahweh" in place of "the Lord". There is one particular translation choice I do not care for. In Matthew 16:18, where it traditionally reads "you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church...", the New Jerusalem Bible uses "community" in place of "church".

The Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition is a revision of the King James Bible and places the Duetercanonical books in proper Catholic order. Since it is a revision of the King James, this is the best Bible for converts to the Catholic faith, and is very useful to those who are apologists or who have dialogue with protestants. Many modern Catholic theologians and conservative Catholics prefer this version (its rabid fans can be called "RSV-onlyists"), and it is used in the English translations of the Vatican's documents (including The Catechism of The Catholic Church) and the Pope's encyclicals, a concept that could be traced back to the booklet The Catholic Religion Proved By The Protestant Bible. However, there are many who say, due to the RSV:CE's protestant origins, the choice of words used in the translation, while being technically correct, lack doctrinal certainty. In addition to the original RSV:CE, there is the "Revised Standard Version: Second Catholic Edition" which removes the archaic "thees" and "thous" the RSV:CE has, and makes some minor translation improvements, there is the "Oxford University Press RSV:CE", which is a hybrid of the original RSV:CE and the 1971 RSV protestant revision, and there is "The New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition", which, like the New Jerusalem Bible but to a greater degree, uses inclusive language which changes the meaning of many Scripture passages. Sadly, the Bishops of English speaking countries, such as Canada and the U.K. are choosing to replace the Jerusalem Bible in Liturgy with the New Revised Standard Version, despite it's many flaws and the Vatican initially not allowing it for use at Mass. In my humble opinion, either the Revised Standard Version: Second Catholic Edition or even the New Jerusalem Bible would be a better choice.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Petition Sony for Three Stooges Collection Vol. 9

Now, just because this blog is titled "Shazamaholic", and so far all my posts have been about the potential upcoming Captain Marvel movie, that doesn't mean I will keep this a one-topic blog... especially since it, unfortunately, looks like the Captain Marvel movie is getting less and less likely of happening in the immediate future.

So, let us turn our attention to The Three Stooges. If you are a fan, you are aware Sony has just finished an 8 volume DVD series featuring all the Stooges' Columbia short films.

But there is one more volume Sony should release, and it's up to us fans to convince them to do it.

Petition Sony for a Volume 9 of THE 3 STOOGES COLLECTION that would include the four Columbia feature films featuring Curly:


and all of Shemp’s solo Columbia shorts:
MR NOISY (1946)

Ask Sony to release Volume 9 by writing them at
Sony Home Entertainment
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City CA 90232-3195

or by email at

Monday, November 8, 2010

William Goldman SHAZAM script review

Recently, I was able to get a hold of the infamous William Goldman Captain Marvel screenplay. Having read it, let me tell you, all the "insiders" who have said this is the greatest superhero script ever written.... sorry.... they lied.

This is not the greatest superhero script ever written... it's certainly not the greatest Captain Marvel story ever written. I would consider it "slightly below average". But that's not to say it doesn't have its moments. There are a few scenes that are actually close to brilliant. But over all, the script does not have the tone or flavor of Captain Marvel's rather off-the-wall world. It is also missing many of the well loved characters from the comics. And the main reason this script was most likely rejected: no Black Adam. In many ways, this script is too similar in tone and narrative as Superman The Movie. But let me break it down for you.

The script opens with one of its better scenes. A prison warden and several guards are racing through a long series of tunnels to an extremely isolated cell. When they get there, they find the prisoner in that cell dead, covered in the cockroaches he kept as pets. That prisoner is Dr Sivana. The warden has a hunch Sivana is faking being dead. He attempts to strangle the corpse, only to be pulled back by the guards. He orders tests on the corpse to make sure he really is dead.

Then we get our first view of Billy Batson. This is not the Billy of the comics. This Billy is 11 years old, and has lived his entire life at the Gates Orphanage, a very nice place in New York (yeah, no Fawcett City here), run by a billionaire, Agustus Gates, who himself grew up an orphan. We meet Billy as a he is being interviewed by prospective parents. Billy purposely blows the interview by swearing, burping and making fart noises. We find out why he doesn't want to get adopted. Jenny Richee, a 15 year old tomboy/knockout who is Billy's best friend and unrequited crush. They've been together their whole lives (it was a 5 year old Jenny who found the abandoned infant Billy on the Orphanage's front steps during a terrible blizzard), and they don't want to be separated. Now why Goldman didn't use the name Cissie Sommerly is anybody's guess. Later in the script, Jenny also sabotages an interview by doing an overtly sexual Lolita bit aimed at the husband, and making the wife jealous and insecure.

So, then Gates takes the kids on a field trip to a museum. At one point Billy stumbles down some steps, hits his head on a brick wall and is knocked out. He wakes up to find a mysterious stranger summoning him into a subway terminal. The origin sequence sticks fairly close to the comics, except we are cheated out of seeing Billy transform into Captain Marvel for the first time. When Billy says the magic word, there is the storm clouds, thunder and lightning, but then the scene cuts to Billy back on the spot where he was knocked out, where he wakes up again. Was it all a dream?

Then it's back to the prison, as all the tests conclude Sivana is dead. Then it's back to Billy and Jenny, as he has told her everything that happened, and he isn't sure if he should say the word or not. Jenny makes fun of him, thinking he's made the whole thing up. Billy says the word, and finally we see him transform into Captain Marvel. And this is where I turned against this script, because CAPTAIN MARVEL STILL TALKS WITH BILLY BATSON'S VOICE!!!!! Goldman gets really descriptive with the sexual attraction Jenny has for Captain Marvel, as he tries to come up with a more mature sounding voice. They do some goofy testing of Captain Marvel's powers, and then the scene shifts back to the prison where Sivana's children, Beautia and Magnificus, claim their father's body. Then we go to Jenny's bedroom where the two kids are on Google researching the elders. Billy changes to Marvel, and there's that sexual attraction again, as Marvel wants to take Jenny for a fly. Jenny, unsure, refuses, so Marvel tests his powers of flight himself with some rather Greatest American Hero type results.

Then it's to the Sivana house, where Beautia restores life to her father, and then Sivana, who blatantly favors Magnificus, makes him a super steroid protein drink that gives him super strength.

Then there is a long, rather dull sequence where Billy and Jenny are at a comic book store, doing more "research", when Billy changes to Captain Marvel (with an OVERCOAT covering his costume, no less) to make some fast money by playing Speed Chess with some Chess hustlers (no, really, I'm's in the script), and then Marvel plays baseball with some college kids. At this point the script is at the halfway mark, and there still isn't any action sequences. There's a scene where Marvel and Jenny attempt to apprehend a trio of punks, but it all goes wrong. Then we get a long scene that establishes Sivana's character as a brilliant, yet warped, scientist/criminal.

From there we go to a "Can You Read My Mind" type moment as Marvel and Jenny are flying through the clouds, when Marvel accidentally says "Shazam" and transforms back to Billy. Now both kids are falling to their deaths. Billy cannot catch his breath and say the word. Jenny is headed toward jagged rocks below. She knows she is going to die. Then she hears a roar of thunder and sees a flash of lightning. But Marvel is too far away. He speeds down to Jenny, but he knows he won't make it in time. We see Jenny, in what can be the last moment of her life, as her skin begins to be pierced by the rocks. Blood begins to flow out. But then we see a space between her and the rocks, and that space begins to grow larger. Then we see CAPTAIN MARVEL USING SUPER BREATH TO DRAW JENNY BACK INTO THE AIR. Yeah, you read right. In this script Marvel has super-breath. Except for the super breath, this is actually a good scene.

Billy is so shaken up by this, he goes back to the Wizard to return the powers. The Wizard reveals Billy doesn't yet have all of the powers, as Zeus and Solomon will come to him when he really needs them.

Then there is a cute scene right out of the comics where Billy is taking a test, and he doesn't know the answers, so he WHISPERS "Shazam", and a ghost-like Captain Marvel appears to give Billy the answers. After that, Gates and a couple other billionaires are kidnapped by Sivana. Marvel rescues them, and we finally get a real action sequence, as Magnificus and Marvel have an all out fight...and get this, Magnificus beats the crap out of Marvel, because he's STRONGER THAN CAPTAIN MARVEL!! Marvel needs Zeus, so Zeus comes to him, Marvel gets more power, and defeats Magnificus by flying him several miles into the air, and dropping him, where Mag breaks every bone in his body. Beautia gets really hot for Marvel, and Sivana figures out Marvel must be a child and reveals it was the Wizard Shazam who has, in previous years, thwarted Sivana's crimes. Having Beautia take a photo of Marvel and using a computer to make him look younger, they figure out he's really Billy Batson.

Sivana and Beautia then pose as a couple who adopt Jenny. Gates and Billy realize something is wrong when Jenny never calls from her new home. Sivana uses a potion on himself that gives him the ability to erase people's minds, turning them brain dead. He does that to Jenny. Marvel races to save Jenny, but Sivana has her locked away in a tiny cell at the end of a tiny tunnel. Marvel changes to Billy to get to her, Sivana knocks Billy out. When Billy awakes, he finds Sivana used a potion to remove Billy's ability to speak. Jenny is brain dead, Billy cannot speak, and Sivana goes to a Jets game to erase the minds of all the people there.

Beautia helps Billy get his voice back (in a scene very similar to Miss Tesmacher helping Superman get rid of the kryptonite chained around his neck). As Sivana returns from wiping out the minds of half the city, he finds Captain Marvel, who challenges Sivana to a duel of wits (why ruin the movie with another action sequence?). They will race to find an antidote to Jenny's condition. If Marvel wins, Sivana will go back to jail. If Sivana wins, Marvel will give up his powers. Now Marvel needs Solomon, who comes to him. As written, I can't tell if Marvel can now figure out the antidote, or if he has the power to read minds, and gets the antidote from Sivana's thoughts. In any case, Marvel wins, saves Jenny, restores the minds to the people at the Jets game (using another bizarre power that comes from his lightning emblem on his costume), Sivana goes to jail, the Wizard knows he can now leave Billy, and the granite rock crushes him, and Beautia gets a job as a teacher at the orphanage. The end.

All in all...I'm glad this script was rejected. Besides the lack of action and lack of the uniqueness of Captain Marvel's world, one of the script's biggest problems is that although Goldman does a good job of keeping Billy/Captain Marvel the focus of the script, its quite obvious he seems to be more interested in the character of Jenny.

Now if I can only get a hold of the rejected John August script!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

History of the Shazam movie thus far

In Fall of 2002, Michael Uslan acquired the film rights to Captain Marvel and brought the project to New Line Cinema. Oscar winner William Goldman was hired to write the script. Many industry insiders who read the script, including Sandy Collora, said it was the greatest superhero script ever written. "The William Goldman script I was given for Shazam was excellent. I really felt that movie literally jumping off the pages at me. It hit all the right notes and was exceptionally well written. It had kind of a Norman Rockwell innocence to it. Very Americana. Very Spielbergian. I would have loved to have done that film as a post World War II, period piece… Late 40’s or early 50’s," said Collora in an interview to Geektyrant.

Furthermore, to Superhero Hype, Collora elaborated, "It’s pretty rare when a script captures my imagination and inspires me so much, that I have to read it twice, or even rarer still, THREE times. Shazam! by William Goldman is just such a script, but it’s something more… A lot more. Captain Marvel is one of my favorite superheroes. I’ve always been drawn to him because Billy Batson was like every fifteen-year-old boy I knew… he was like me. The only difference is Billy Batson was given the power of being the mightiest hero in the world, something every young boy hopes to be in one way or another. But, as so eloquently put in another of my favorite comic book movies; 'With great power, comes great responsibility.' After the reality of being Captain Marvel has manifested itself in his psyche, Billy is faced with a dilemma that is played out impeccably in this script. Goldman has truly captured the spirit of Billy Batson’s plight, both as Captain Marvel, and as a fifteen-year-old boy trying to figure out his place in the world. Like it’s tremendously successful predecessors Superman and Spider-Man, Goldman has stoked this script's furnace with what most comic book films lack… HEART. I FEEL this film… I SEE this film… every moment, every frame… every ounce of trepidation and frustration Billy feels, every detail of Captain Marvel’s costume, every magnificent beam of magic hour light that bathes his muscular frame with the girl in his arms as he majestically floats skyward."

However, New Line CEO Robert Shaye still saw fit to reject the script, due to the fact Black Adam was not in it (UPDATE: I have since read the Goldman script, and found it to be not up to Collora's raves).

By December 2003, the team of Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow were assigned to write the script. The draft they turned in reportedly was a parody of various superhero movies using the Shazam characters, as well as using the Billy Batson character to parody The Little Rascals, Leave It To Beaver, Home Alone, and My Bodyguard. This script was also rejected.

Some time later, Bryan Goluboff was tapped to take a turn at the script. Little is known about his draft. It may never have been competed.

In April 2006, Peter Segal was hired to direct the movie. He contacted John August to write the script. This pairing initially gave Captain Marvel fans some doubts, as Segal was known for directing Adam Sandler comedies, and Naked Gun 33 1/3, although at the time of his signing, he was developing an action-comedy remake of Get Smart. August stated he hated old stuff, referring to the Fawcett comics Captain Marvel fans hold dear. Instead he seemed intent on basing his script on current DC material, which the fans loathe. This is also in opposition to Uslan who said the film would use the Fawcett comics as source material. Worrying fans even more are the constant references to the Tom Hanks's movie Big both men made. In 2008, Warner Brothers absorbed New Line Cinema, moving the project there. It was also officially given the title Billy Batson And The Legend Of Shazam. On 5 January 2009, John August announced on his blog Warner Brothers has killed his script for various reasons, most notably it was an action-comedy, as Warners now wants all superhero movies to be like The Dark Knight (UPDATE: I have since read the August script, and found it to be less than stellar).

On 13 January 2009, Michael Uslan proclaimed through MTV the project is still alive and not to believe everything August has said. Uslan has assured fans the movie is not dead and will get made....eventually. My guess is the powers that be rejected August's script, and harboring sour grapes, he spread the word the whole project was killed. The rumors the studio wants Captain Marvel to be as dark as The Dark Knight may also be an embellishment from August.

In August 2009, Variety made the announcement Billy Batson & The Legend Of Shazam is still on....Peter Segal is still directing, with him and Michael Ewing producing....and the script will be written by: Bill Birch and Geoff Johns.

Birch is a veteran TV actor who has worked on Grey's Anatomy and The Unit. As a writer, he is working on the film One Finger Salute with director Peter Segal. I wonder if Birch will write a role for himself in the movie.

Johns is a comic book writer who is well known to Captain Marvel fans. Considering Johns' love for Black Adam, expect that character to be a major force in the movie. If Dwayne Johnson is still on board to play him, the momentum could become very similar to Jim Carrey's Riddler or Johnny Depp's Captain Jack.

I am curious to know if Dr Sivana and Beautia will be in the new script, as Warner execs demanded Sivana be deleted from John August's draft for being "too similar to Lex Luthor". In my opinion, a Captain Marvel movie without Sivana (and Beautia) just would not be right.

August's draft reported to also include Freddy Freeman, Mary Bromfield (Batson), and Mr Tawny. Will they be in the new script as well? And I certainly hope Johns and Birch will include Uncle Dudley, and who better to play him than Micky Dolenz.

Bill Birch gave an interview to CineFOOLS in November 2009 and spoke about the Captain Marvel movie.

On landing the gig:

"During that time [working on "One Finger Salute"] a great collaborative relationship was born [between Peter Segal and Bill Birch]. He asked me to give him and his producing partner, Michael Ewing, a take on Captain Marvel and that eventually led to me getting Shazam. FYI, Pete's a freakin' stud too.

Pete's been involved with Shazam since 2006 so it's been a long and winding road for him. I don't know the details of how he originally got involved but I can say he's very excited with the way this new version is shaping up. And Adam Sandler as Marvel? It would definitely be a bold casting choice. Maybe Rob Schneider as Black Adam? I can see the poster now! OK, that was a bad joke. Pete's never mentioned Sandler."

On writing the script with Geoff Johns:

"Okay, first of all let me say that Geoff Johns is also a freakin' stud. He's young, smart, creative and has this crazy encyclopedic knowledge of everything DC. He's so cool I almost hate him a little bit. Thankfully I've been able to put that hate aside and I've enjoyed every minute we've spent working together while breaking the new Marvel/Shazam story. Geoff and I are in the thick of it, creating a kickass update that still honors the lore that's been created in over 50 years of Marvel storylines.

I've read some of the previous versions
[of the rejected scripts] and we're starting fresh."

On being a Captain Marvel fan:

"I have four older brothers growing up and we always had comics around the house. While Superman was probably the one we read most we did having a few Shazams around. I remember being fascinated with the idea that a kid could just say "Shazam!" and become a superhero. It's the ultimate in wish fulfillment and obviously that will be a theme in the script. I was also a religious watcher of the 70's TV show. You couldn't beat Shazam! followed by Isis could you? They just don't make TV like that anymore. (Actually after watching some Shazam! clips on You Tube I'm glad they don't. It's pretty bad but as a kid I remember it being awesome.)"

On the tone of the script and casting:

"The way the story is shaking out, Geoff and I see this not as "dark" as Dark Knight but definitely as cool. It'll probably end up with a PG-13 rating.

Tonally I think it's important to successfully find the balance of comedy and danger in the story. That’s a major aspect I’m focusing on. Frankly hitting the right tone is what’s going to either get this made or keep it in development hell.

My rule of thumb is that no actor is committed to do a movie until the first day of shooting is over with. (And sometimes even then the cast can still change) I know that Pete Segal and Dwayne Johnson have a relationship that was solidified when Pete directed Get Smart. As far as him being committed? I'm sure it'll all depend on the script. That being the case I don't write with anyone in mind. If the characters are solid it will attract good talent and then there will always be a rewrite to address the talent's concerns. Usually at that point in the process is when you start writing for that specific actor. More than likely the role of Billy Batson will be an unknown, but the role of Capt Marvel? I always thought Ryan Reynolds would have been interesting but now that he’s Green Lantern that’s not an option. Honestly I don’t think too much about it since I have very little say in the casting decisions."

Nothing more was heard after that, but in January 2010, it was reported Columbia/Sony has removed Sam Raimi from Spider-Man 4, and will instead reboot the series with a new cast and crew.

Personally, I think this is bad for the Spider-Man film series, but the bright spot in all of this, is Sam Raimi is free to pursue other projects. I hope one of them is the SHAZAM! movie.

Spider-Man 2, in my opinion, had the perfect balance of action-adventure, drama-pathos, fun, and humor, that would be ideal for a film of the World's Mightiest Mortal. I think Raimi would be the perfect director for a SHAZAM movie, and let's face it....current director Pete Segal is in a little over his head with this property. He's been on it for 4 years and still isn't even close to having a filmable script. And Raimi...he must be fond of the Big Red Cheese, because he put references in all three Spidey movies (Peter/Spidey yells "Shazam" in 1 and 3, and in 2, Raimi used "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" on the soundtrack, a song from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, which was written by William Goldman, who was at that time, writing the SHAZAM script). It's like Raimi was subliminally screaming "I wanna direct SHAZAM!"

Then, in August 2010, according to this LA Times article, there are discussions to cancel the long in development SHAZAM feature film, and instead do a prime time network TV series focused on Captain Marvel.

The article says it is too early to say definitely where a Shazam franchise is headed, but it does mention talk about adding an Achilles' heel to Captain Marvel: that he can only be powered up for about an hour at a time. Remember the old "Ultra-Man" TV show, how if his warning light went out, "Ultra-Man would never rise again"? Kind of like that.

I really want to see a major motion picture, filmed in IMAX of the Big Red Cheese, but I could also see the advantage of going with an episodic television series instead. The obvious advantage is the actor playing Billy Batson (as well as the other kids, like Mary Batson and Freddy Freeman) will not seem to age as fast doing a TV series, versus movies that may have gaps of a year or two between filming.

In my opinion, the best concept would be to revive the old cliffhanger serial format using the 1941 Captain Marvel serial as a blueprint. There's around 20 episodes in a TV season, so each season of the Shazam TV series would be, in effect, a 20 chapter cliffhanger serial, complete with cliffhanger endings on each episode with the next episode resolving them. Unlike the serials of the 1940's, the TV scripts would have more layers, and be more complex, and there would be much more character development. Of course, more characters from the comics would be used as well. The serial format would dictate the show be much bigger and action packed than the typical action-adventure show, and it would be open for many plot twists and swerves that more conventional shows don't have.

I'm sure a new Shazam TV series would probably be the most expensive TV series ever due to special effects, if it is done correctly, at least. And I would hope they give the show its own unique look, based upon the comics produced by Otto Binder and C.C Beck.

And in November 2010, a new video interview of executive producer Mike Uslan was posted on Newsarama, and he briefly talks about the Shazam movie, negating the earlier report that discussions had begun to do a TV series instead. He says there is "progress... progress. And we have wonderful, wonderful people working on this film, Pete Segal our director and Michael Ewing our producer, the folks at Warners, the folks at DC, everybody is just been great, and bit by bit we want to get it right and progress has been made."

Uslan added "I knew the guys behind it, I knew C.C. Beck, and communicated with him starting when I was in 7th grade, an ongoing correspondence. Otto Binder who was the main writer of Captain Marvel in the 40s kind of mentored me as a kid into the world of comic books and the comic book business...I do feel a sense of responsibility to these guys who I knew so well and were so kind to me."

Apparently unknown to Uslan, a contradicting report from IGN has been released saying "the long-gestating comic book adaptation Shazam! is said to be pretty much dead at the moment."

These guys really need to meet up and get their stories straight.

UPDATE: On December 23, 2013, Peter Segal, in an interview, implied the Shazam movie was officially a dead project.

UPDATE: On April 27, 2014, WB execs say the Shazam movie is slated to be made, with a rumored release date of July 2016 set.

UPDATE: On September 3, 2014, Dwayne Johnson officially announced he was cast as Black Adam, and Darren Lemke has been signed to write the script. 

UPDATE: On January 19, 2017, it was announced Black Adam will have his own movie, effectively removing him as a major character in the Captain Marvel movie.

UPDATE: On February 17, 2017, it was reported David F. Sandberg is in talks to direct.

UPDATE: On April 5, 2019, the movie was released.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The future of Captain Marvel

Asked about the future of Captain Marvel at DC, Geoff Johns at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con replied, "Speaking on behalf of DC Entertainment, Captain Marvel is a big character for us. If you wanted to ask specifics about Captain Marvel, Billy Batson and the Marvel Family in comics, you’d have to ask Dan [Didio] and Jim [Lee]. Obviously, I know there is a lot of passion for Captain Marvel but just know, outside the comic books, he’s a character that we talk a lot about in Burbank. He’s a very important character. His whole mythology is terrific. I think Billy, Mary and Freddy and everybody have so much potential. It’s like Harry Potter and superheroes. It just a fantastic superhero universe and one that I think really needs to be further explored as do a lot of other people. I would expect Shazam to become an increasing presence, among many others."

So I get the impression that if Captain Marvel has a future as a viable character, it may not be in comic books, but rather in other media, such as film, animation, video games, perhaps even prose novels. And it looks like the key demographic of that would be kids and teens, similar to the Harry Potter and Twilight target audience.

Johns later confirmed this at a panel forum when he admitted there are a lot of discussions about Shazam outside of comics, and when asked about the Shazam movie, he replied, "I can't talk about that."

At a forum featuring Michael Uslan and Chip Kidd to discuss Kidd's upcoming book, Shazam! The Golden Age Of The World's Mightiest Mortal, a book he says will be similar to his Batman Collected, Uslan, when asked about the status of the movie, gave a sly response, "Stay tuned".

Also announced was that Captain Marvel will be a semi-regular on the new Cartoon Network series Young Justice, and he will be voiced by Rob Lowe. Young Justice will also be getting a Johnny DC comic book series. There will also be an animated DVD titled DC Showcase that will feature a 22 minute short titled Superman/Shazam: The Return Of Black Adam. Jerry O'Connell will once again be the voice of Captain Marvel, Arnold Vosloo will be the voice of Black Adam, and James Garner will be the voice of Shazam. Release date November 9.

Also to be released on DVD on October 19, is the official Warner Brothers edition of the 1979 Legends Of The Superheroes TV specials, which featured Garrett Craig as Captain Marvel, and the first live action appearances of Dr Sivana (played by Howard Morris) and Aunt Minerva (played by Ruth Buzzi). It also features the reunion of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Frank Gorshin.

Expected to be published next summer is Grant Morrison's Multiversity, which will be a collection of one-shots set on different earths, that will act as possible spring boards for new on-going series. The Earth-5 Captain Marvel will have his one-shot titled Thunderworld. Morrison explains about Thunderworld, "it’s just a classic Shazam book but it’s done in a way almost like a PIXAR movie or the way we did “All Star Superman.” It captures the spirit of those characters without being nostalgic or out of date. Each of them has got a real different feel to it. And that adds to it." The artwork will be by Cameron Stewart. Thunderworld could be Captain Marvel's best chance at getting a new on-going series outside of the Johnny DC line. At another panel forum, Gail Simone expressed interest in writing a Captain Marvel on-going series.

Micky Dolenz for Uncle Dudley

Micky in Adam-12
I have been a fan of the Monkees my whole life, with Micky and Mike my favorites. I always felt all four guys were, in a way, shortchanged in their careers by being typecast as Monkees. There's the infamous story of how Micky was almost cast as Fonzie on Happy Days on the strength of his performance as a biker on an episode of Adam-12, but his stereotyping as a drummer may have caused Garry Marshall to "go in another direction" by way of Henry Winkler.

I always felt Robin Williams made his career by doing a second-rate Micky Dolenz imitation. Just look at Micky's performance in the Monkees episode "Monkees Watch Their Feet", and compare it to any Mork & Mindy episode. There are too many similarities for it to be a coincidence IMO. (I have always wondered what if Micky were cast as Popeye instead of Williams in the live action 1980 movie. Would the movie have been a bigger hit, and would Micky be a major movie star today?)

I remember in the 1990s, there was some buzz about Micky being considered to play the Riddler in Batman Forever. Again, nothing came of it, as the role went to Jim Carrey.

But now there is a chance once again, for this very talented entertainer to get a featured role in a multi-million dollar event movie. Peter Segal's upcoming Warner Brothers film, BILLY BATSON AND THE LEGEND OF SHAZAM, based upon the classic Fawcett comics superhero Captain Marvel.

Now, many sharp Monkees fans will recall the TV series had several references to Captain Marvel, most notably in "Case of the Missing Monkee" where Peter says "Shazam" in front of a mirror. The lightning bolt breaks it , and Peter comments, "that's another seven years bad luck for Captain Marvel". In "Monkees at the Movies", when the producer is looking at 8 x 10 photos, one is called Freddy Freeman. Coincidentally, Captain Marvel is also reference in the Beatles song "The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill", and according to legend, Elvis Presley was a Captain Marvel fan.

Could this be Dudley?
Micky would be perfect for the role of Uncle Dudley. Dudley is a sort of comedic hustler with a heart of gold. In the comics, Dudley stumbles upon the secret that Billy Batson can transform into Captain Marvel. He quickly develops a scam, pretending to be Billy's long-lost uncle, and sets up a fake charity called Shazam, Inc., where he intends to pocket all the money. However, Dudley is just too impressed with Billy's heroic nature, and decides to keep Shazam, Inc. legit, and even becomes orphan Billy's guardian. Later in the series, Dudley would wear a Marvel costume and help fight crime as Uncle Marvel, even though he has no super powers, but proceeded to fake them.

With his great comedic skills and charisma, Micky would surely make it a breakout role, and be a highlight of the film. Us fans can and must do our part to help make this happen. We all must contact Peter Segal c/o Warner Brothers, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank CA 91522, and politely and respectfully ask Mr Segal to consider casting Micky as Dudley. It would help to keep the letters short and to the point, but don't be afraid to offer up some reasons or anecdotes of why Micky would be perfect for this role. It would also be good to contact the film's producers, Michael Uslan, Chris Godsick, and Michael Ewing, c/o Warner Brothers, as well.

Shazam manifesto and casting suggestions.

I want the upcoming SHAZAM movie made correctly. I unquestionably do not want it to be a campy comedy, but to be sure, the definitive Captain Marvel movie must have a lot of humor and fun. But it also must be balanced out with drama and pathos and action-adventure. Needless to say, it should have breath taking special effects, and be filmed in IMAX. I would like to see the film use tilted camera angles, much like celebrated film maker Orson Welles pioneered, to give it a unique look. The final shooting script should not be based on the current DC comics, with its pale, inferior version of Captain Marvel. It is the Fawcett Captain Marvel of the 1940s and 50s which should be the source material for the film (as producer Michael Uslan once promised). When Otto Binder and C.C. Beck hit thier stride, they produced some of the greatest superhero adventures of all time, certainly superior to DC's recent attempts at Shazam.
Peter Segal, slated to direct the film, had once said in interviews his take would be like "Big" with superpowers. References to "Big" are all wrong, because Captain Marvel is NOT a 12 year old with a super powered adult body. Some experts have suggested Billy and Cap may be the same person, but at different points of thier time line. Either way, Cap should not act like a 12 year old. He has the wisdom of Solomon, which should make him more mature and less headstrong than Billy. Under no circumstances do I want to see a scene where Captain Marvel learns how to be a superhero by reading Superman comic books. Such a scene would instantly damn this movie to hell.
As in the Fawcett comics, Billy should be the star of the movie. Its his adventures we follow. Yet there still must be a lot of screen time and action sequences for Captain Marvel.  I speculate the creators of Captain Marvel had the Old Testament book of Tobit in mind as a muse. In it, the mighty archangel Saint Raphael takes the form of a teen, Azariah, while among mortals. I suggest all Captain Marvel fans read this book. If you don't have a Bible with the deuterocanonical books, here is a link for Tobit .
Mary and Freddy should be supporting characters the film, but they should not get thier powers until the sequels.

The film makers need to get Alex Ross to be the movie's creative consultant. He is the only one at DC who really "gets" the Big Red Cheese. The film should use Ross' version of Captain Marvel's uniform, but it should not be skintight spandex or muscle enhancing rubber. The model of Tom Tyler's costume from the serial should be used, where the top is more of a jacket, and the pants, while snug, are not actual tights.
Perhaps the most infamous Captain Marvel fan was/is Elvis Presley. The definitive Captain Marvel movie must have an Elvis soundtrack. "If I Can Dream" would be a perfect theme song. Many of his underappreciated 60s tracks would fit the film perfectly, like "Long Legged Girl" for Beautia, "What A Wonderful Life" for Billy, "That's Someone You'll Never Forget" for Billy's crush on Beautia, "Kiss Me Quick" for Beautia's longing for Captain Marvel, etc. As for the instrumental musical score, Michael Nesmith ("Elephant Parts" and "Time Rider") should compose it. Brian Setzer would be a good second choice (or maybe Nesmith and Setzer could collaborate on the score). Perhaps Duane Eddy's hit instrumental "Shazam" could be incorporated into the score.

Here is my casting suggestions wish list:
Captain Marvel - preferably an unknown culled from daytime soaps or the stage. A good choice was Brandon Molale, but Warner Brothers has dragged thier feet so long, he is getting too old for the part. The actor playing Captain Marvel should be between 25 and 30 years old.
Shazam - Omar Sharif or possibly Michael Keaton.
Dr Sivana - Joe Pesci or Ben Kingsley or possibly Martin Short.
Beautia - Katheryn Winnick or Kelly Carlson.
Black Adam - Oded Fehr  (I know Dwayne Johnson is a fan favorite, but I prefer if no wrestlers or reality stars were cast).
Uncle Dudley - his royal majesty Micky Dolenz (this is my #1 casting pick!).
Sterling Morris - Jon Voight, Dan Aykroyd, or Martin Mull.
Joan Jameson - Maggie Lawson, Marnette Patterson or Sarah Chalke.
Nick Bromfield - Tom Selleck.
Nora Bromfield - Catherine Hicks, Melissa Sue Anderson, or Bonnie Hunt.
Nanny Primm - Carol Burnett or Cloris Leachman.
Whitey Murphy - Jason Dolley or Sterling Knight.
Mr Tawny - Jim Belushi.
Freddy's Grandpa - Alan Alda.
Ebenezer Batson - Bob Newhart, Tim Conway, or possibly Don Rickles.
As for the pivitol roles of Billy Batson, Freddy Freeman, and Mary Bromfield (Batson), as well as Cissy Sommerly, since the characters are around 12 years old, and since filming is still a few years away, it is impossible to speculate who would be good choices (although I will say Kay Panabaker would make a great Mary. Also, Ryan Whitney Newman is someone to watch. She may be perfect for the role in another year). All I can suggest is when casting begins, look for four 12 year olds who are talented and resemble C.C. Beck's drawings.
If you agree with me, voice your support to Warner Brothers, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank CA 91522, and DC Comics, 1700 Broadway, New York NY 10019.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shazam! movie fan script by Lee Solomon

FADE IN on a sweeping bird's eye view of ancient Egypt. Daytime. A subtitle reads "Memphis, Egypt, 700 BC". As a middle eastern score hits its crescendo, we also hear the sounds of a riot becoming clearer. (NOTE: all dialogue in this sequence will be spoken in Egyptian and Arabic, with English subtitles.)

DISSOLVE to an establishing shot of forty Arabian thieves on horseback pillaging an Egyptian community.

RAPID CUTS of fighting, robbing, and killing.

CUT to a shot of an Egyptian boy, terrified of what is happening around him...until he looks upward, and his face lights up with hope.

(points up)
"Black Adam has come to save us !"

CUT to boy's POV of BLACK ADAM, a powerful man dressed in a gold chest plate shaped like a lightning bolt, with gold bands around his wrists and forearms, a black loincloth, and sandals. He is flying from the clouds down to earth.

CUT to one of the thieves, looking upward with the same terror the boy had.

VARIOUS SHOTS of Black Adam using his super powers to capture and defeat the thieves, such as lifting a thief and his horse up, and throwing them both a great distance; flying past above a thief, grabbing him by the throat, pulling him up off the horse, daggers breaking off of Black Adam's skin; using super speed and a rope to tie several thieves together and hoist them up in a tree; using his body as a drill to dig a trench where several thieves fall into as they fall off their horses when the horses abruptly stop before the trench.

CUT to Black Adam, landing on the ground, the Egyptians rush to him, praising and honoring him.

CUT to a young sorcerer, MORDRU. He filters past the crowd, and speaks in Black Adam's ear.

"May I have a word in private with you, mighty Adam?"

The two men walk beyond the crowd of celebrating Egyptians.

"Have you thought about my proposition ?"

"I admit I am intrigued, however the Wizard has repeatedly forbidden me from getting involved in political agendas. "

"Your omnipotent wizard, Shazam, is wrong. Under Pharaoh, the working man is less than livestock. When there is a war, you could defeat the enemy quickly, saving our soldiers' lives. The people need you to be Pharaoh, Black Adam."

"Mordru, you speak wisely. I will petition the Wizard once again."

Black Adam leaps into the air and flies away as Mordru looks upward.

CUT to close up of Mordru. He smiles sinisterly.

DISSOLVE to Black Adam and SHAZAM, an elderly wizard with long white hair and beard, dressed in robes. They are in a cave like dwelling, having a discussion.

"...but, Sire, as Pharaoh, I could end the suffering for all...eliminate famine and poverty."

"You can accomplish all that now if you so choose, but you are forbidden to use the power for political gain. Politics is the seed of many of the seven deadly sins...greed, lust, selfishness--"

"But, Sire, I am above such temptations..."

"Enough! One hundred years ago, I gave you the power. For one hundred years, you fought the good fight. However, now I sense your heart is lusting for political victories. If you pursue this any further, I will strip you of the power, and the consequences will be fatal. Do not test me, Teth-Adam, for I will not have mercy on you." (Shazam walks away)

CUT to close up of Black Adam, anger boiling beneath his skin.

DISSOLVE to an establishing shot of the desert, night time. Only the silhouettes of two men and a camel are there.

CUT to Mordru, with the camel, and Black Adam.

"We are kill or imprison the Wizard, and I will assassinate Pharaoh and claim the throne." (they salute each other)

DISSOLVE to wide shot of the PYRAMIDS, daytime.

CUT to Mordru leading Shazam to the Pyramids urgently.

"Pharaoh's child has been imprisoned in one of the magicks cannot locate her."

Shazam goes to one of the Pyramids, bends down, picks up some sand and begins a spell.

INSERT shot of Mordru, slowly taking a Moley flower from his robes.

CUT to Shazam on the ground, conjuring, as Mordru stands behind him. Mordru holds the flower over Shazam.

"Imprison Shazam for eternity, never to interfere with the affairs of man ever again."

Before Shazam can react, a glow radiates from his body, as he transfers into the Pyramid wall, like sand pouring through cracks.

CUT to Shazam, trapped within the Pyramid wall, helpless.

CUT to Pharaoh on his throne in his palace. Black Adam enters and walks to Pharaoh. Pharaoh senses something is wrong.

"Guards...seize him!"

Soldiers attack Black Adam, who swats them away like insects. He reaches Pharaoh, who has the same look of terror as the Egyptian boy had. Black Adam puts Pharaoh in a headlock, and snaps his neck. Pharaoh falls to the ground, dead. Black Adam picks up Pharaoh's crown, and places it on his own head, and sits on the throne, a smile of pride on his lips.

CUT to Shazam in the Pyramid wall, weak and near death. With all his will power, he is able to reach out of the wall and grab a handful of sand. With that sand, he conjures a vision.

CUT to shot of Pyramid. The glowing image passes through the wall, and soars off.

CUT to global shot of Middle East. The image travels from Egypt to Lebanon.

CUT to PRINCE IBIS, a young royal, sitting on a throne and holding the distinctive IBISTICK. The beautiful TAIA sits next to him on another throne, as servants and belly dancers are around them. The glowing vision hovers into the room, circles Ibis' head, then dissolves into Ibis. Ibis quickly stands up and holds up the Ibistick.

"Ibistick, take me to the wizard Shazam in Egypt."

Ibis instantly disappears. Taia looks very concerned and worried.

CUT back to Pyramid. Ibis materializes out of thin air. He points the Ibistick at the base of the Pyramid.

"Ibistick, release Shazam from his imprisonment."

Energy shoots out of the Ibistick.

CUT to Black Adam, on the throne. Zoom out to reveal a lavish celebration with servants feasting and slave girls belly dancing. Pan to Mordru, who is standing a distance behind Black Adam's throne, and looks very happy.

CUT back to Black Adam, enjoying himself. Suddenly, something in the back of the hall catches his eye. Fear enters his eyes.

CUT to Black Adam's POV of Shazam, his robes torn from his ordeal, standing in the celebration hall's doorway.

CUT back to Black Adam. He motions to several soldiers.

"Kill the Wizard, now!"

CUT to soldiers, drawing their swords as they run to attack Shazam.

CUT back to Shazam. He makes a motion with his arm, and a BOLT OF LIGHTNING shoots out from his hand, striking the soldiers, knocking them out.

CUT back to Black Adam, fear overtaking him, and calling for Mordru.

"Mordru! Stop him! Kill him! Save me!"

Mordru steps in front of the throne, and is about to conjure a spell.

CUT to Shazam, who once again motions with his arm. Another bolt of LIGHTNING shoots out of his hand, striking Mordru. turning him into a FISH, that flops helplessly on the sand floor, gasping for air, and dies of suffocation.

CUT back to Shazam, now standing in front of Black Adam on his throne.

INSERT close up of Black Adam, with the same look of terror as Pharaoh, and the Egyptian boy, and the Arabian thief all had.

CUT back to wider shot of Shazam and Black Adam, who is cowering and begging.

"Mercy ! Mercy ! I repent ! Forgive me !"

"Teth-Adam, I strip you of the power... return to the mortal you once were."

CUT to Black Adam on his throne, a clap of thunder, a bolt of LIGHTNING from the sky strikes him, and he reverts to Teth-Adam, who then instantly ages one hundred years, dies, and decomposes. Some slave girls quickly start wrapping Adam's rotting corpse into a mummy.

CUT to close up of Shazam, a look of failure and disappointment on his face.

"Never again will I entrust the power to a mortal . . .never again, unless I find someone so pure of heart, he would be incorruptible."

DISSOLVE to black. A clock radio lights up, reading 5:00 AM, with Elvis Presley's What A Wonderful Life playing from the radio.

CUT to BILLY BATSON, a tousled, dark haired boy of 12, rolling out of his tiny bed. He starts getting dressed as the camera zooms out revealing he's inside a recreational vehicle.

CUT to exterior shot of the Winnebago, early 1970' s model, somewhat rusted.
It's parked in the parking lot of a tenement apartment building.

CUT to wide, establishing shot of FAWCETT CITY, a colorful, carnival midway of a city with an art deco design, located in the Midwestern USA. The city's two most dominant buildings seem to be challenging each other. One is the WHIZ Entertainment Complex, with its neon W-H-I-Z sign flashing like a Vegas casino. It has a multiplex cinema on the ground level that is open to the public (with the Freeman Newsstand located in the lobby, as well as H. Quartz Pharmacy-Ice Cream Parlor), the next three floors are the WHIZ television studios and sound stages, the floor above that contains the edit rooms, the next two floors the studios for WHIZ radio, and the upper three floors the management and sales offices. The top floor is owner Sterling Morris' suite. The other building is Saint Raphael's Cathedral, with a spotlight shining on the huge and glorious Pardon Crucifix on the belfry. In addition to the church, the parish has a school, a social- hall, medical clinic, and orphanage. There is also a small cemetery on the back of the property. On the front lawn is a glorious composite statue of the young man Azarias, holding a dead fish, transforming in a puff of smoke into his true form, the mighty, winged archangel, St. Raphael. Subtitle reads: "Fawcett City, the present."

CUT back to interior of the RV. Billy, now dressed in jeans and a red sweatshirt with yellow collar and cuffs, makes his way to the kitchenette.

INSERT shot of DUDLEY MENTOR, a chubby fellow in his late 50s, asleep in a Lazy Boy in front of the TV.

CUT to Billy, eating a bowl of cereal.

"Uncle Dudley, wake up... remember, you have that interview today at WHIZ."

CUT to Dudley, yawning.

"Billy, my boy, by time I'm done auditioning my act, Sterling Morris himself will marvel at how WHIZ could have survived so long without my talents."

CUT to Billy, walking to door to leave.

"Uncle Dudley, you are a marvel."

CUT to Dudley.

"That's how I got my name...Mentor the Marvelous."

CUT to exterior shot of the RV. Billy exits from the door.

CUT to exterior of the tenement apartment building. FREDDY FREEMAN, a raven haired twelve year old boy, who looks a bit like Elvis, is walking out of the building, carrying two empty newspaper sacks. His GRANDPA, a thin man, about 70 wearing a yarmulke, follows him, as the sun is just starting to rise in a blazing red sky.

"Good morning, Billy."
(hands Billy one of the sacks)


"Hello, Billy."

"Hi, Freddy... Mr. Freeman."
(they walk together down the street toward the WHIZ building)

"Today's the big day, huh?"

"I hope he gets the job... (pause) I hope he can keep the job..we're down to our last few dollars."

"A young boy like you shouldn't worry so much...I'll stop by the church and light a candle for your uncle...and one for you."

"Thank you, Mr. Freeman."

The trio turn into the WHIZ building, a doorman lets them into the multiplex's lobby.

CUT to WHIZ multiplex lobby. Off to one corner is the FREEMAN NEWSSTAND. Three stacks of today's newspapers are already there, on the floor. Billy and Freddy each take a stack and put them in their bags, as Grandpa bends down to lift the third stack into the Newsstand.

(goes to lift the third stack)
"Let me get that for you, Grandpa."

Freddy lifts the stack of newspapers onto the newsstand counter, then returns to Billy and their newspapers.

"Y'know, Freddy. . . sometimes I wish I had a magic word that would solve all my problems."

CUT to Billy and Freddy, exiting the WHIZ building, and walking down the sidewalk, sunrise, as the two boys split up in different directions, delivering their newspapers, tossing them on porches. What A Wonderful Life fades out. (Note: from this point on, the musical score will have a big band/swing music flavor, yet still superheroic.)

DISSOLVE to a limousine pulling to the curb and stopping, morning. The door opens and out jumps MARY BROMFIELD, a beautiful twelve year old girl with soft brown hair, and dressed in a St. Raphael school uniform. SARAH PRIMM, the nanny, a sour looking woman, 65ish, leans out the limo.

"Mary! You'll be late for school."

"I'll just be a minute, Nanny Primm!"

Mary runs down the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians of the early morning rush, to the WHIZ box office ticket window.

"May I please have two tickets to tomorrow afternoon's taping of the Whitey Murphy show?"
(hands the ticket girl some money)

INSERT shot of two seedy looking gangster types, in pinstripe suits and fedoras. They quickly move behind Mary, as she gets her tickets.

"Thank you."

Mary walks away, and the two men follow her. After a few feet, they move to either side of her. Mary looks at them suspiciously, and they grab her. Mary tries to scream, but one man (we'll call him Ferace) covers her mouth.

(sheepishly to pedestrians)
"Truant officers."

CUT to Billy and Freddy, walking back from delivering their papers. They spot Mary.

"Hey, let that girl go !"

Billy and Freddy run to her.

CUT to the two men holding Mary. Billy and Freddy run in and start punching and kicking the two men, chasing them away, as other pedestrians look on, but choose not to get involved. Billy and Freddy then turn their attention to Mary.

"Oh, thank you...thank you both."

"Are you all right? Did you know those guys?"

"No...probably kidnappers. happens every so often...they want to hold me for ransom. My name is Mary. . .Mary Bromfield."

The three kids begin walking back to Mary's limo.

"I'm Freddy Freeman, and he's Billy Batson."

"It's nice to meet both of you."

I had a twin sister named Mary... (beat) but she
died a few hours after we were born."

"Great ice breaker, there, Billy."

They reach the limo. Nanny Primm is fuming.

"Mary! Get in this car now! Get away from those street urchins!"

Billy and Freddy do a "Three Stooges" like double take, looking behind them to see who Mrs Primm was referring to.

"This is my nanny, Mrs. Primm."
(Mary gets in Limo)


" wouldn't happen to know Mr. Primm, the
science teacher at Binder Junior High?"

"Theo Primm is my son."

"Bye, guys... see you later!'"
(the limo drives off)

CUT to Close up of Billy

"This is not going to be my day."

DISSOLVE to DR THADDEUS BODOG SIVANA, the world's wickedest scientist, a short bald man with thick eyeglasses. He is in his LABORATORY which is filled with various test tubes and beakers, electric machinery and circuits, and on the desk where Sivana is sitting at, a pile of EGYPTIAN SCROLLS and ARTIFACTS. Sivana is studying one of the scrolls, when BEAUTIA, the world's sexiest woman, an indescribably gorgeous blonde, around 20 years old, with long sexy legs, enters.

"I left the message for Theo Primm. (beat) Aren't you taking this a bit far ?"

(glares at Beautia with pure hatred in his eyes, which then quickly turns into a look of compassion and love)
"Beautia, my darling. I'm doing this for you. This will be your legacy. (becomes excited) I have waited thirty two years for this day! (picks up a beaker and camera zooms in to full screen close up of it) My life's work! (CU of beaker morphs into sepia-toned scenes illustrating Sivana's narration) As a student on an archaeological dig in Egypt, I discovered the heretofore unknown legend of Khem Adam... translated as Black Adam... as a medical intern, I secretly advanced the cloning process far beyond the government's limits... then I went back to Egypt to find the tomb of Teth-Adam, and brought back a sample of his DNA. Then I opened up my practice and waited...waited for a childless couple who wanted invetro fertilization, but for whatever reason, could not use the husband's sperm. . . I found that couple in the Primms...and through them, I have cloned Teth-Adam. Theo Primm ! (glee turning into almost insane giddiness) I kept in touch with him all these years, (sepia-toned footage morphs back to CU of beaker as camera zooms out to shot of Sivana and Beautia) and today is his thirty second birthday, the same day Teth-Adam received the power of Shazam. Today, Black Adam will be reborn, and I will harvest his cells to create an army of unstoppable, metahuman soldiers that I will use to become the rightful ruler of the universe ! (glee turns to anger) And I will not be lectured to by the likes of -- (stops, and composes himself) Beautia... you will be the rightful princess...adored and worshipped by all men. (gives Beautia an almost insane glare) You'll like that, won't you, darling ?"

(gives a nervous, almost frightened smile, and humors her father)
"Yes, daddy."

DISSOLVE to THEO PRIMM (who looks exactly like Black Adam) teaching in his classroom. BINDER JUNIOR HIGH is a prison-like building, gray, colorless, with steel bars on the windows. Billy and Freddy are in the class, as well as CISSIE SOMMERLY, a cute strawberry blonde, and SUNNY SPARKLE, a very pretty blonde with a sugar bowl haircut, wearing a turtleneck sweater that accentuates the fact she is very well endowed for a 13 year old girl.

(concluding a lesson)
"... so these medical procedures will help humanity, even if traditional morality must be ignored or abolished."

CUT to two shot of Billy and Freddy in their desks.

(whispers to Freddy)
"I wish I could afford to go to Catholic school."
(Freddy nods in agreement)

CUT back to establishing shot of classroom. The BELL rings. All the kids in the class stand up to leave.

"Batson, may I see you before you leave?"

CUT to Billy shooting a look of concern at Freddy. Freddy shrugs, and leaves. Billy approaches Theo's desk.

"I'll be are not doing well in this class."


"Why aren't you interested in science ? You're smart enough to handle the material. May I speak with your parents about this ?"

"Well... my parents are dead."

"I'm sorry, Billy....I didn't know."

"My dad was a captain in the air force...a plane crash. I was five. My mom died a year before that. I live with my Uncle Dudley."

"Tonight I'm having dinner with Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana. I'd like you to join us. I believe he can spark your interest. He got me interested in science when I was your age."

(trying to get out)
"I'd like to, honest, but my Uncle has a job interview this afternoon, and I really want to be there."

"That's fine...dinner isn't until seven. Can you meet me here at 6:30 ?"

(walks to door, pauses at threshold, looks back)
"Say hi to your mom for me."

CUT to school hallway. Freddy and Sunny waiting for Billy as he exits Theo's classroom. (individual CU's as needed)

"Did you get detention?"

"No. . .a free meal."

"Hey, that ain't so bad."

"Even if I gotta eat with a teacher?"

"Oh...(smiles) say, I know what might cheer you up...I'm taking Sunny to the dance...why don't you tag along with us?"

"Y'know, Freddy...I already asked Cissie to hang with us at the dance."

"Hey, here's an idea...Billy, why don't you take Cissie to the dance?"

"No, really, thanks guys..."

"Its OK, Billy...I was scared the first time I asked Sunny out."

"Yeah, but Sunny is the most likable girl in school. . ."

CUT to Sunny, shooting a pissed look at Billy as if she knows everything the guys say about her development.

CUT back to three shot.

"I didn't mean that, Sunny...I've got a great personality."

"Look, it'll be all four of us...a group don't have to read poetry to her or anything."

"C'mon, Billy...Cissie is really crushing on you."

(blushing a bit)
"Really, I think Cissie is great, but I... "
(glances down the hall)

INSERT Billy's POV shot of Cissie, waiting patiently by her locker, down the crowded hall. She smiles warmly and waves at Billy.

CUT back to Billy.

"I'll think about it, OK ?"

FREDDY (off screen)
"That's all we're asking, pal."

CUT back to a closer shot of Cissie.

DISSOLVE to the WHIZ building, late afternoon, lines at the box office.

CUT to Billy and Freddy, walking to the building...the Winnebago is parked near by.

"Looks like Uncle Dudley is here."

"Better put a quarter in the meter, or your house might get towed."

Billy smiles at the joke, but then notices the time on the meter is expired as a cop car patrols by.

(frantically searching his pockets for a quarter)
"Oh, you're serious !"

CUT to a pan up shot of the WHIZ building, stopping at the upper floors.

CUT to interior shot of an office waiting room. On the walls are posters of WHIZ's hit children's shows: The Whitey Murphy Show, Amanda Bandanna, Whiz Kidz Newz, and Cartoon Festival. Dudley, in top hat and black cape with some magic props, is among the few people waiting. WHIZ's on-air feed is on a monitor in the room, and we hear POPEYE singing I'm Popeye the Sailor Man. Sitting next to Dudley is THE GHOUL (Ron Sweed, a local TV icon from the Detroit and Cleveland areas). He's putting a big FIRECRACKER into the mouth of his rubber toy FROGGY. He eyes Dudley up and down. Dudley glances at The Ghoul.

"How ya doin', ovadey?"

Dudley gives a nervous smile. JOAN JAMESON, a gorgeous blonde, mid-2Os, hair worn up, and stylish, yet businesslike skirt suit and glasses, enters from a door.

"Dudley Mentor ?"

Dudley stands up, accidently knocking his props over.

"That is I."
(picks up props)

(pleasent smile)
"Follow me, please, Mr. Mentor."

CUT to Dudley, picking up his props, including a podium that has "Mentor The Marvelous" printed on it.

SHOT follows Dudley and Joan as they walk down a hallway, with more posters on the walls.

"I'm Joan Jameson, WHIZ' s program director."

"Pleased to meet you.
(goes to shake her hand, but drops another prop)
Sorry, I have this hang up with my hands."
(picks up prop)

(smiles, and continues her well rehearsed patter)
"I'm sure you know WHIZ is a multi media company. We are the country's number one children's cable network. We also have an AM radio station, whose format is news and talk, servicing Fawcett City, as well as an FM station, whose format is Oldies. And of course, I'm sure you have been to our cinema multiplex downstairs many times."

"Yes...very easy to sneak into."

Joan gives a look of surprise, but Dudley smiles. Joan gets the joke and relaxes. They enter into her office.

"We are looking for a new host for our classic animation program, Cartoon Festival.
(she sits at her desk)
Our current host, Chuck Beck, was offered a sitcom in Hollywood. So, let's see your act, Mr. Mentor."

CUT to Dudley, standing at his podium.

"uhh...yes...for my first trick, I will make a rabbit appear from my hat. (he takes hat off his head, revealing a RABBIT sitting on his head. He looks in hat, then feels his head) Not yet, Hoppy! (takes rabbit off head, sets him in hat. )

CUT to Joan, a migraine about to erupt.

CUT to office door. WHITEY MURPHY, a thin blond guy, about 24, but looks 15, enters office without knocking.

(walks to Joan)
"Hey Joan, babe (to Dudley) Hiya, gramps...(sits on Joan's desk) Look, doll,"

CUT to two shot of Whitey and Joan.

WHITEY (con't)
"I'm all done taping for the day....what do you say you and me go, (unbuttons a button on her blouse) you know, wreck a hotel room on old man Sterling's card?"

(softly, but harsh)
"Listen, you vile pig...if you ever bust into my office to make such a proposition again, not only will you be back busing tables, but the police will be tipped off to what is really in that sugar bowl in your dressing room. Now get out."

(leans over and whispers seductively in her ear)

CUT to wide shot of office, as Whitey leaves.

(smiles tentitively)
"I'm very sorry about that interuption, Mr. Mentor. That was Whitey Murphy, the star of our number one rated show. You know how stars can be sometimes."

(nodding his head yes)
"Not really."

"You may continue."

Dudley ad libs a couple quick magic tricks, messing up.

(stands up)
"Mr. Dudley, I'm afraid we're not looking for a magician at this time..."

CUT to close up of Dudley.

"But Miss Jameson, I can also do impressions...(imitates Cagney) You're the dirty rat who killed my brother!"

INSERT Close up if Joan.

"Good Cagney."

CUT BACK to Dudley.

"Actually, it was Harvey Nealman. (beat) Look, Miss Jameson...I need a job. I have a kid to support. We're living in a Winnebago. I..I'll do anything...sell tickets in the box office, sweep floors. I can't face Billy if I don't get a job."

CUT to close up of Joan, thoughtful. She smiles.

"Mr. Mentor, how would you like to be a gag writer on Whitey's show?"

CUT to two shot.

"I... I would love it."

(fills out a form)
"Just take this to my secretary, and she'll set everything up."
(hands Dudley the paper)

"Thank you, Miss Jameson...thank you so much."

Dudley leaves and pan in to Joan, who smiles.

(softly to herself)
"OK, Whitey, let's see how much it takes to get your ratings to drop so I can cancel your ass."

DISSOLVE to Billy, Freddy, and Grandpa at the Newsstand in the WHIZ lobby. Shot is wide enough to also see DOC QUARTZ tinkering with a small piece of machinery outside his pharmacy.

CUT to tighter shot of just the newsstand. A man is paging through a copy of CAPTAIN BILLY'S WHIZ-BANG, leering at the pin ups.

(to man)
"Sir, you can buy that magazine for four dollars...."

Man keeps leering at photos, ignores Freddy.

" ...or, you can continue to browse through it for a two dollar rental charge."

Man looks up from magazine, gives Freddy an angry look, slaps the magazine on the newsstand counter, and walks away. PAN to Billy and Grandpa.

"I hope he gets the job."

"Don't fret...there he is."

INSERT shot of LOBBY ELEVATOR...Dudley exits from it, still carrying props. He drops one, and an usher is there to pick it up for him. Billy runs up to him.

"Did you get the job, Uncle Dudley ?"

"No...they weren't looking for a magician."

Billy looks crestfallen, as Dudley smiles.

"So, they hired me as a writer for the Whitey Murphy show, instead."

"That's great, Unc... (Freddy and Grandpa enter shot, congratulating Dudley,
patting him on back, shaking hands, etc.
) I'd like to celebrate, but I gotta go to this dinner with my dumb teacher. What a waste of an evening this is gonna be."

DISSOLVE to Sivana's laboratory. Sivana is reading some scrolls, as Beautia looks concerned for her father's mental state.

"Daddy ?"

(still concentrating on scroll)
"Yes, baby?"

"Don't you think it would be a good idea to go talk to someone who could help you --"

(sets down scroll, and cuts her off)
"Help me what ? (glares at her with fury) You think I'm insane."

(forces a smile to cover her fear)
"No daddy... I just meant- -"

(stands up and approaches her)
"You're like all the rest... like the government agents who stopped me from conducting my experiments... like those court appointed psychiatrists - -"

"No, daddy... I'm sorry..."

(slaps Beautla across her face)
"You brat ! Just like when you were a child... always whining. (mocks Beautia) Daddy, I have no friends... daddy, I have no one to play with.(Beautia runs to the stairway, and Sivana throws an empty beaker at her and it crashes on the wall just missing her head. She starts up the steps, Sivana goes back to reading scroll) Go to your room and play with yourself...(mumbles) like you do every night."

CUT to Beautia walking up steps, almost in tears.

(calls out, off screen)
"I don't want you distracting Primm."

CUT to sidewalk outside Sivana's home. Night time. Billy and Theo Primm are walking to Sivana's front door.

"I'm telling you, Billy, one evening with Dr. Sivana, and you'll be ready for college."


Theo rings the doorbell, and Sivana opens the door with a big smile that fades as soon as he sees Billy.

"Dr. Sivana! I hope you don't mind, but I brought along one of my students. Billy Batson. I thought during the evening you could inspire him about science."

"Oh yes, of course...please come in."

CUT to interior of parlor, as Billy and Theo walk in.

"Dinner will be ready shortly... (calls out) Oh, Beautia! (turns to Billy and Theo) I'd like you to meet my daughter. I may have to add some water to the soup. (calls out louder) Beautia! (turns back to Theo and Billy, laughs nervously) Perhaps, Beautia can show the young man around while I have a moment with you, Theo, to show you an experiment I need your feedback on.(yells) Beautia !!"

"Oh, I'm sure Billy would love to see that, also."

(lauqhs nervously, then turns and screams) "BEAUTIA ! ! !"

Beautia enters, wearing nothing but a small silk robe, holding it closed with her hands, thong panties, and spiked high heel slippers.

ANGLE on Beautia.

"What is it, daddy ? (shyly) I was playing."

CUT to Billy's reaction. His eyes pop and his jaw drops.

"Holy Moley !"

CUT back to four shot. Beautia ties her robe closed.

(laughs nervously)
"Beautia, daddy a favor and entertain the kid for awhile."

Sivana pushes Billy toward Beautia.

"Oh, believe me, I'm already entertained."

Beautia escorts Billy into another room. Sivana turns attention to Theo.

"This way, please."

They walk to the basement stairway, and walk down the steps.

CUT to Sivana's laboratory, as the two men step down the last steps. They walk to the work station. Theo looks at the Egyptian artifacts. He picks up a small replica of Teth-Adam's tomb. Sivana notices.

"Have you ever heard of Black Adam ?"

"No, I haven't"


"He was a great warrior in ancient Egypt...he had the power of gods...fantastic strength, flight, invunerable...but over the course of his hundred year existence, he became enlightened to where the real power was, and he was punished for that."

"Surely, that is just a legend, or a myth...if such a figure really existed, there would be some kind of documentation."

"Perhaps there is. . . .somewhere."

CUT to Beautia's bedroom. Her bedside radio is playing Elvis' Long Legged Girl With the Short Dress On. She is dancing on her bed, as Billy watches and laughs. She flops across her bed, laying on her stomach, as Billy sits on the floor by her. He picks up a magazine that is on the floor, and pages through it. Beautia flips her hair and it caresses Billy's face. He gets a lovesick look.

"I like you, Billy."

"Really ?"

"Of course...I'm having so much fun...I never had a sleepover when I was a're like one of the girls."

(reacts to comment, and changes subject)
"Well, just for fun... (holds up magazine article) who would be your perfect guy?"

CLOSE UP of Beautia.

"Oh, I'm so glad you asked that. He has to be tall, at least six two. Big, lots of muscles."

INSERT Billy, looking at his scrawny self .

TWO SHOT, Billy and Beautia.

"He has to have dark, wavy hair...and thick eyebrows...I love that. And a great smile. I love a guy who always smiles. (She caresses Billy's chest) I like that shirt. I love red. And gold. So, who's your ideal guy ?"

"...uh, I'm that."

"Haven't come out of the closet yet, huh? (gives Billy a big hug around his neck. Billy looks puzzled. Beautia flashes a naughty smile) I'm only kidding!" (she starts tickling Billy)

CUT back to laboratory. Sivana is by some test tubes. Theo is still by artifacts.

"Theo...I can't seem to remember what the next ingredient is...I have it written on that notepad. Could you read it to me, please ?"

INSERT shot of Theo's hand picking up notepad.

CLOSE UP of Theo, reading notepad.


CUT to establishing shot of ROCK OF ETERNITY, as we hear Theo's spoken "Shazam" echo and repeat over and over in the distance.

CUT to wide shot of a rock corridor. Carved out of the left wall are grotesque statues of THE SEVEN DEADLY ENEMIES OF MAN... PRIDE, ENVY, GREED, HATRED, GLUTTONY, SLOTH, and INJUSTICE. At the end of the corridor is Shazam, sitting on a granite throne, his eyes shut in slumber. To the right of the throne is a LARGE BOOK. To the left is a LARGE GLOBE and a FLAMING BRAZIER. Hanging directly above the throne by a THIN CORD is a HUGE GRANITE BIOCK. The echoing "Shazam" gets louder. FAST ZOOM to Shazam's shut eyes. On the last "Shazam", the eyes snap open.

INSERT close up of Shazam's mouth.

"No. . . !"

We hear a distant thunderclap echo and repeat over and over as Shazam says his "no".

CUT back to establishing shot of ROCK OF ETERNITY. The Thunder echoes and gets louder. A BOLT OF LIGHTNING shoots out from the ROCK.

CUT to exterior shot of Sivana's house. The lightning shoots from the sky, and crashes through the roof, leaving shingles in flames.

CUT to laboratory. The lightning crashes through the ceiling and STRIKES Theo Primm, and also ignites the chemicals in nearby test tubes and beakers to flames. In an instant, Theo Primm TRANSFORMS into BLACK ADAM.

CUT to Billy and Beautia up in her bedroom, startled by the crashing noise.

"What was that ?!"

Beautia runs out of the room, Billy follows.

CUT back to laboratory, Sivana's POV, looking through the holes in the lab ceiling through the house, through the roof, seeing the night sky and stars.

CLOSE UP of Sivana, a look of victory mixed with shock on his face.

CUT to shot of Black Adam, looking downward.

INSERT shot of stairway. Beautia and Billy running down steps. They stop in thier tracks.

"Mister Primm. . ?"

CUT to close up of Black Adam, still looking downward. He lifts his head and looks forward... there is pure hatred in his eyes, and rage in his expression.

"I am Black Adam. . . and I remember EVERYTHING !"

CUT to wider shot of Black Adam, his muscles tightening in rage.

"WIZARD ! ! ! You will PAY for this !!"

Black Adam grabs some machinery, and hurls it against the wall...he knocks over the flaming beakers, which causes the FIRE to spread.

CUT to Sivana, in a panic... he grabs a FIRE EXTINGUISHER, and tries to put out the fire.

CUT back to Black Adam, still throwing machinery and test tubes in anger.

CUT to Billy, standing at the base of the stairs, by a large and heavy bookshelf.

INSERT CLOSE UP of bookshelf, about to topple over on to Billy.

CUT to Beautia, on stairway. She SEES the bookshelf, about to fall.

"BILLY... Look out!"

Beautia jumps down the last two steps, and pulls Billy out of the way, as the bookshelf crashes down, narrowly missing them both.

CUT to Black Adam. He roars in rage, and LEAPS UPWARD and keeps going, crashing through ceiling.

CUT to exterior shot of Sivana's house, the roof on fire. Black Adam crashes through, taking almost half the roof off, and flies away.

CUT back to laboratory, the fire getting out of control. Sivana drops the fire extinguisher, and rushes to his desk. He grabs a satchel and puts the scrolls and his files and folders of notes in it.

"We have to get out of here now...this place is going to explode."

He turns to Billy.

"Kid, if you are smart, you will forget you saw all of what has happened tonight."

Sivana grabs Beautia by the arm, and pulls her up the stairs. As the room fills with smoke, Billy follows up the stairs.

CUT to exterior shot of Sivana's front door. Billy runs out, and keeps running in a panic. Soon he is on a crowded sidewalk, as fire engine sirens can be heard in the background racing to the fire. As Billy runs, dodging pedestrians in his way, we see one of the fire engines speeding on the street behind Billy. Finally, Billy reaches a SUBWAY STATION. He falls to his knees, and buries his face in his hands.

CUT to close up on Billy's shoulder. A wrinkled HAND touches it.

VOICE (off screen)
"It's late, son. A storm is coming. Why aren't you home ?"

CUT to two shot of Billy, still on his knees, looking up at the man touching his shoulder. He is in a black trench coat, and has a black hat slouched over his face. We can't see his features, but it is Shazam.

"Follow me."

"Who are you ?"

"Hurry or we'll miss our train."

"Train ? To where ?"


Shazam and Billy are enveloped in a puff of SMOKE MADE FROM LIGHTNING. When it clears, they are gone.

CUT to SUBWAY TRACKS. We hear the blast of a train horn in the distance and it quicky grows louder. Then we see the MYSTERY TRAIN, a sleek black subway train with specific, enigmatic glowing images on it, speed by (note: see Capt Marvel's origin from Whiz Comics #2 for detail of the train).

CUT TO interior of the Mystery Train. Billy is inside alone, the force of the speed it is traveling, keeping him pushed back in his seat, fear on his face.

CUT TO Billy's POV. He is alone in the train...there is no engineer.

CUT BACK to Mystery Train as it speeds along the tracks. It is about to crash into a solid brick and granite WALL, when a PORTAL OF LIGHTNING suddenly opens up and the train flies though it. The portal then shuts.

CUT to establishing shot of ROCK OF ETERNITY.

CUT to the corridor. Shazam, in his robes, is back on his throne at the end of the corridor. At the front, the Mystery Train pulls up. A circular door expands open and Billy gets out of the train.

CUT to tighter shot of Billy, looking around in amazment and awe at the statues carved in the wall of the corridor. He then walks to Shazam.

INSERT shot of the granite block... the thin cord has started to fray.

CUT to two shot of Billy and Shazam.

"Welcome Billy Batson."

"How do you know my name ? Who are you ?"

CUT to Shazam on his throne.

"I know everything... I am Shazam !"

When he says his name, a clap of thunder is heard, and a bolt of lightning strikes the wall behind the throne, leaving a horizontal angled carving: SOLOMON - WISDOM, HERCULES - STRENGTH, ATLAS - STAMINA, ZEUS - POWER, ACHILLES - COURAGE, MERCURY - SPEED.

"For three thousand years I have used the abillties the elders have gifted me with to battle the forces of evil which every day threaten to extinguish man from the face of the earth."

CUT back to two shot.

"Three thousand years ?"

"Yes, son, and during that time I have seen everything... known everything, that happened throughout the world, from the highest to the lowest."

INSERT shot of granite block, cord frayed even more.

SHAZAM (con't)
"But no one can escape their judgement... not even I."

CUT BACK to Billy and Shazam.

SHAZAM (con't)
"It is time for me to be accountable for my errors. You have already witnessed his rebirth."

"You mean Mr Primm ?"

SHAZAM (nods)
"Black Adam. But before I am purged, I will pass the power to my successor. You, Billy Batson."

"Me ? No, you must be mistaken... I'm just a dumb kid."

"You are pure of heart. You are a champion. The Historama." (Shazam claps his hands once)

THE HISTORAMA, a three dimensional holographic image, appears, showing a five year old Billy Batson with an elderly old coot, UNCLE EBENEZER, at a custody hearing.

"Through this Historama, I have watched you from the moment you were born... I saw how, after your parents' deaths, your father's uncle, Ebenezer Batson, was awarded custody of you... (image changes to Ebenezer gleefully counting stacks of money, stocks, and bonds) and I know how he schemed to get possession of the money, stocks and bonds that were willed to you... (image changes to Ebenezer forcing five year old Billy out of the house) and then disposed of you to make your own way on the streets. (Image changes to a homeless Billy being kicked and hit by homeless adults) I saw the trials you endured. (image changes to Dudley taking five year old Billy in) I saw how your mother's older brother, Dudley Mentor, then took you in out of the goodness of his heart, even though the courts originally refused custody to him in favor of Ebenezer, due to Dudley's chronic unemployment, and documented con artistry."

CUT to close up of Billy.

"I don't care what that judge said. . . Dudley is the best uncle a guy could have. He took care of me when no one else wanted me around. I'd do anything for Uncle Dudley."

CUT to two shot. Shazam claps his hands and the Historama disappears.

"Through it all, you have remained good and kind... you care and you help others when you can. Now, my time is almost up. (an aura made of thousands of tiny lightning bolts forms around Billy) Will you accept the power of Shazam, to become the world's mightiest mortal, (Billy, in the glowing aura, begins to levitate, and continues to rise as Shazam continues to speak, his voice becoming like thunder) whose sacred duty will be to defend the poor and helpless, right wrongs, and crush evil everywhere ?"

CUT TO Billy, levitating with the aura around him.

(his eyes shut, pauses in thought...his eyes open)
"Yes... I will."
(the aura fades as Billy ceases to levitate)

CUT TO Shazam.

(with a grandfatherly smile)
"Say my name."

CUT to Billy.


A BOLT OF LIGHTNING, with a clap of thunder, strikes Billy, transforming him into CAPTAIN MARVEL, a big, powerful adult man, in a crimson military style uniform, trimmed in gold, with a golden lightning bolt emblem on his chest, and a white ceremonial cape, also trimmed in gold, with a MOLEY FLOWER design along the left edge. He looks just like Beautia's description of her "perfect guy". There is a presence of "cool" about him, much like Elvis or Sinatra or Bruce Lee.

CUT to profile two shot of Captain Marvel and Shazam.

"I dub thee Captain Marvel. Henceforth, go bring justice to the world, and fight the seven deadly enemies of man in all their incarnations. . . but be aware your first primary mission is to stop Black Adam. To return to being Billy Batson, repeat my name."

(bows with respect)
"Yes, Sire."

INSERT shot of granite block. The cord is almost worn through.

SHAZAM (off screen)
"I must pay my debt now..."

CUT BACK to two shot.

SHAZAM (con't)
"but I leave you with a warning... never misuse the power. If you ever need my counsel, return here to the Rock of Eternity, and light that brazier. My spirit will return. I salute you, Captain Marvel."

"Thank you, Sire."

(with a peaceful, comforting smile)
"Now, speak my name."


Once again, thunder roars, and a bolt of lightning strikes Captain Marvel, and he DISAPPEARS. Then the granite block FALLS on Shazam, crushing him to dust.

CUT back to the exterior of the subway station. Billy is there, looking a little confused.

"What did I get myself into ?" (he walks off)

CUT back to the corridor on the Rock of Eternity. Black Adam flies in to the throne.

CUT to tighter shot. Black Adam looks around, sees granite block on the throne, part of Shazam's robes visable. With a mighty punch the block is reduced to gravel.

"You cannot escape my wraith that easily, Wizard !"

He flies away.

CUT to establishing shot of ST RAPHAEL'S CATHEDRAL - that same night, as a rain shower starts.

CU to interior of the church, dimly lit. it is empty except for one figure kneeling in prayer at a pew.

CUT to tighter shot of that person - Billy Batson.

BILLY (voice over)
"Dear Lord, please help me... help me to use the power correctly... help me to make the right decisions ... please help me, Lord... I can't do this alone."(he makes the sign of the cross)

MARY (off screen)
"Praying for school to be cancelled tomorrow ?"

Billy is startled, and looks to his right.

INSERT SHOT of Mary Bromfield, sitting next to Billy in the pew. Billy gets up from the kneeler and sits.

"Mary! What are you doing here?"

"Its CYO night. I thought I saw you come in here. So what's up ? You looked pretty intense."

"Oh... nothing really... just thanking God for helping my Uncle get a job."

"So, you weren't praying for Clssie Sommerly to fall in love with you?"

"What ? No ! How do you know ?"

"My friend Darla is friends with Sharon who knows Sunny Sparkle. Man. (gesturing at her chest) they HAVE to be fake."

INSERT SHOT of Darla, leaning in from the vestibule.

"Come on, Mary!"

CUT back to Mary and Billy in pew.

"I have to go. But Billy...(tone changes to compassion) whatever it is you're concerned about, I know you can handle it... and if you can't, feel free to talk to me. That's what friends're for. We are friends, right ? I hope we're friends... you saved me from those kidnappers... you're a champion."

Billy double takes suspiciously.

"Yeah... well, don't go spreading it around. It'll ruin my reputation."

Mary stands up.

(gives Billy a playful shove)
"You are a real chuckle head. See ya."

"See ya."
(she genuflects and leaves, Billy ponders)

DISSOLVE to establishing shot of Binder Junior High, the next day.

CUT to lnterior of hallway, kids going from lockers to classes. We focus on Billy and Freddy at their lockers.

(shuts locker door)
"Oh, man... I really don't want to go to Primm's class today."

(they start walking to classroom)
"He's not gonna be in today."

"How do you know?"

"Last night... at dinner... Mr Primm wasn't feeling like himself."

Sunny and Cissie meet up with the boys.

( flirty smile )
"Hi Freddy."

"Hi, Sunny."

Freddy nudges Billy with his elbow.

"Hey, Cissie."

"Hello Billy."

They walk a little further in silence. Sunny pokes Freddy, then Freddy pokes Billy again.

"Wasn't there something you wanted to ask Cissie ?"

Before Billy can answer, BUCK, a big 15 year old, 'roided up jock, interrupts, pushing Billy aside.

"Hiya, Cissie... (turns attention to Sunny) Hello gorgeous."

"Buck. "

"So, Sunshine... wanna go to the dance with Binder's
greatest football icon... me ?"

"Sorry, I already have a date with Freddy."

(looks around)
"Oh, Freeman... didn't see you there. (puts his arm around Freddy) You wouldn't mind breaking your date, would ya? Or should I break your leg ?"

VOICE (hysterical, off screen)
"Leave them alone ! ! !"

PAN around to see who said that... it is GREGORY, the world's dullest boy...a 13 year old, redheaded, freckled face loner, who has snapped.

(still hysterical)
"You jocks think you own the school !"

CUT to Buck.

"Who the hell are you ?"

CUT back to Gregory.

"No, no, no... you shove me in my locker, you steal my money, you make fun of me all year long, and you don't even know my name ? ! None of you ever talk to me ! I won't be ignored any longer ! (pulls a HANDGUN from his belt, under his shirt) You're gonna remember me now!"

CUT to kids screaming, as TWO other GEEKS pull out ASSAULT RIFLES from their lockers and join Gregory.

CUT to Gregory, holding his gun to Buck's temple, as Billy, Freddy, Cissie, and Sunny raise their arms, and slowly step back against some lockers (Billy is right near a corner).

"You son of a bitch... think that gun makes you tough ?"

"Go on, play the hero, jock... I've got nothing to lose."

CUT to other two geeks, holding a crowd of kids and teachers at bay. A THIRD GEEK enters with a HOME MADE BOMB.

CUT to exterior of School. . . squad cars and ambulances are pulling up, as are news trucks.

CUT back to Billy, Freddy, Cissie, and Sunny, against the lockers. Billy looks around the corner.

CUT to close up of Freddy.

"Okay, Billy... tell me you wish you could afford to go to Catholic school. (no response) Billy?"

CUT to Freddy, Cissie, and Sunny. Billy is gone.

CUT to Billy, rushing down the empty hall. He reaches a quad, and opens the door and goes outside. He looks upward.


CUT to the sky, storm clouds instantly form. Thunder rolls. A bolt of lightning shoots out.

CUT to Billy. He is STRUCK by the lightning and transforms into CAPTAIN MARVEL. Captain Marvel crouches down and makes a mighty LEAP into the air, and keeps going UP.

CUT to Captain Marvel, FLYING upward into the clouds. He arcs around and flies to the front of the school.

CUT to front of School, exterior. Cops, paramedics and parents are there. A mom looks up. She screams in terror at the sight of a flying man and points up in the sky. Everyone else looks up. Some of the women scream, also.

CUT to crowd's POV of Captain Marvel, flying down straight toward the school. He swoops around and crashes through the front doors.

CUT to interior of school hallway with Gregory and the geeks.

"What the hell was that? What the hell was that?(points to Geek #1) Go check it out."

CUT to Geek 1, running down hall with his machine gun. He spots Captain Marvel standing there. Captain Marvel walks to him.

"Stay back... I'm warning you."

Captain Marvel does not stop. Geek 1 takes aim.

"I'm serious. Stop."

Captain Marvel still walks. Geek 1 FIRES.

CUT to hallway. Girls scream in terror. Many kids hit the deck, cover their heads.

CUT back to Captain Marvel. The BULLETS are BOUNCING OFF HIS CHEST, and ricocheting into lockers, walls, and shattering windows.

CUT to Geek 1. He stops shooting, and looks in disbelief.

"Sonofabitch... !"

He drops the machine gun and runs past Captain Marvel, who picks up the machine gun, and looks at Geek 1 as he runs down the hall. After a beat, Captain Marvel CRUSHES the gun in his hands.

CUT to Geek 1, running out of school, his hands up in surrender.

"I give up ! Don't shoot !"

CUT back to the hostage situation in the school. Gregory is panicing.

(calling out)
"Who's there ? Are you here to listen to my demands ?"

INSERT shot of Freddy, Cissie, and Sunny, by the lockers. Freddy spots something down the hall in the shadows.

INSERT shot of Freddy's POV. . . a powerful figure hidden by shadows, walking defiantly to the hostages.

CUT back to Gregory.

(getting paranoid)
"Answer me, damn it ! (to other two geeks) Set that bomb for five minutes.
(yells out) You hear got five minutes left!"

CUT to shadowy figure, as he walks into the light. Captain Marvel.

"Tough talk from a dud like you."

CUT to other two geeks, setting bomb's timer.

CUT to Captain Marvel, ignoring Gregory and the geeks, he frees the hostages.

"All right, everyone, this way, quickly...go through the front exit...the police will be there to assist you."

"You bastard, you can't do that ! This is a hostage situation ! I'll friggin' kill someone! (hostages ignore him, and follow Captain Marvel's instructions) Everyone stop now !"

Buck is still near Gregory. Freddy, Cissie, and Sunny are still by the lockers. Gregory turns around, aims his gun at Buck, and shoots him in the shoulder. Cissie and Sunny scream.

CUT to Captain Marvel. He swats Gregory aside like an insect, and picks up Buck and FLIES down the hallway, carrying him.

CUT to jaw dropping reactions from Freddy, Cissie, and Sunny.

CUT to front of school, exterior, as the hostages are exiting. Cops and paramedics assist them. Captain Marvel, carrying Buck, flies out of the building, and sets Buck on a stretcher, assisted by a paramedic. Captain Marvel then LEAPS into the air and flies up into the clouds, arcs around, and races down to the school.

CUT to inside the school. Gregory has Freddy, Cissie. Sunny and a few others still in the school at gunpoint. The other two geeks are still setting the bomb timer.

"Speed up the timer... make it blow now. They're not gonna send us to Juvey!"

Suddenly, Captain Marvel CRASHES through a window, and throws himself on top of the bomb. It EXPLODES.

CUT to Freddy and Sunny, on the floor from the explosion. Freddy looks around.

CUT to Captain Marvel, unhurt, but there is a CRATER where the bomb went off.

CUT to two geeks, also on floor.

"Aw, screw this... I give up."
(both geeks raise arms in surrender as cops run in)

CUT to Freddy and Sunny, as cops help them up.

(looking around)
"Where's Cissie? Where is she ?"

CUT to Gregory, his gun on Cissie, taken hostage, as they are outside, trying to escape. Cissie wants to scream.

"Make one sound, and I'll blow your brains out. (panics) I won't go to Juvey... I am not going to Juvey!"

Cissie looks up in the sky, and smiles. A SHADOW falls on them.

CUT to police scene in front of school. TV REPORTERS are there, doing liveshots. Captain Marvel flies down, holding Cissie in his arms, and Gregory is hanging on to Captain Marvel's boot. All TV cameras whip around to get the scene.

"Who are you ?"

"I'm Captain Marvel."

Captain Marvel kicks his leg, making Gregory fall two feet to the ground. Captain Marvel lands, sets Cissie down, and turns to address the group of kids gathering around them.

"Today we learned if you keep your feelings bottled up for too long, you could end up hurting someone when you lash out. It's better to talk about any problems you may have at school or at home with a professional. (waves) See you next time." (he flies off)

CUT to Cissie, as Freddy and Sunny find her.

"Oh, my gosh ! I flew with Captain Marvel !"

There is a distant roar of thunder, as the two girls squeel as if Captain Marvel were a teen idol.

"I don't know... he seemed like a big red cheese to me... did ya get a load of that speech he gave us ? Sounded like something Billy woulda said. Hey, where is Billy ?"

As if on cue, Billy approaches.

"Big red cheese, huh ?"

"Where did you disappear to ?"

(at a loss for words)
"uh...well, I ... I just wanted to ask Cissie, could you, I mean would you go to the dance with me ?"

(not paying attention)
"Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess so. Okay, Billy. (turns back to Sunny) Captain Marvel was so cute."

Freddy gives Billy a sympathetic shrug.

PRINCIPAL (off screen, through bullhorn)
"Attention students. . . attention. . ."

CUT to principal, speaking through a police bull horn.

". . . due to the trauma here today, I think it would be best to cancel the school dance. (kids groan) We will have psycologists here Friday for those who want to talk about what happened..." (some kids boo, some yell "you talk to them")

CUT back to Billy, Freddy, Clssie, and Sunny.

"Well, I guess that's that."

CUT to TV SCREEN, with the footage of Captain Marvel that just happened. Zoom out to reveal Dr Sivana watching in a hotel room.

CUT to close up of Sivana.

"That emblem. . ."

INSERT TV screen with Captain Marvel. It PAUSES.

SIVANA (con't)
"...someone else has the power of Shazam."

CUT back to Sivana.

"How can that be ?"

He picks up a scroll from his satchel, and exits reading it. BEAUTIA then enters shot, and looks at the paused image of Captain Marvel on the TV.

CUT to close up of BEAUTIA. She gets the same LOVESICK look Billy had in her bedroom.

"Wow !"

CUT to establishing shot of WHIZ building - late afternoon, that same day.

CUT to Freeman Newsstand. Freddy and his grandpa are at the counter. STERLING MORRIS, a very distinguished 60 year old with a thin mustache, somewhat arrogant, and dressed very elegantly, enters and picks out three newspapers and a couple magazines, sets them on the counter.

"Good day, Mr. Morris. Will that be all ?"


Freddy rings up the sale on the cash register, as Morris pulls out his wallet.

"I'm planning a fishin' trip for me and Freddy. Would you like to join us, Sterling ?"

"I wish I could, Freeman, but I have four shows with sinking ratings, and a prima donna star who thinks his job is more important than brain surgery.(gives Freddy some bills) Keep me in mind for the next one, though."

"If you're stressed out, you should have a bowl of chicken broth. (Freddy mouths the words aIong with his grandpa) A good bowl of broth always fixes me right up." (Freddy grins)

(chuckles as he leaves toward the elevator)
"Have a good afternoon, you two."

CUT to the WHITEY MURPHY SHOW soundstage. There is a live studio audience, as the crew is setting up for the taping. Dudley is on set with a script and a pencil, writing jokes, with a joke book under his arm.

CUT to audience. Focus on Mary and Darla. Billy comes up and sits down in an empty seat next to Mary.

"Boy, I'm running into you everywhere these days."

"Hey, chuckle head. I'm starting to think you're stalking me."

"Nah... see that man over there?"

INSERT shot of Dudley, looking very nervous and fervently erasing a line in the script, as he reads the joke book.

BILLY (off screen)
"That's my uncle. (proudly) He's a writer on this show."

CUT back to Billy and Mary.

"Besides, I'm already dating Cissie... that is, I would if our idiot principal didn't cancel the dance."

"Yeah, our class watched the whole hostage thing on TV. Sister Grace said that Captain Marvel guy must be an angel. (beat) Say, my school dance is next Friday... you and Cissie are officially invited."

"Great. Hey, can Freddy and Sunny come also? "

"Sure, Freddy's invited. (beat) All right, balloon bod is invited, too."

"Hey, Mary... would it be okay if I came over to your house after the show ?"

"Oh, want some advice on how to dress with more style, huh ?"

"Yeah... advice."

"Sure... ever ride in a limo ?"

CUT to studio monitor. The WHIZ ID is on (WHIZ logo identical to the old WHIZ Comics logo, with a vo narration that says "Hey kids ! It's time to take a WHIZ break!"), then dissolves to THE WHITEY MURPHY SHOW opening credits, which includes a shot of Whitey with the superimposed credit "starring Whitey Murphy'', shots of his co-stars (all "tweens") with their names supered, then a shot of JIM NABORS with the superimposed "special guest star Jim Nabors". Open dissolves to the stage with Whitey on it.

"Hi everyone... I'd like to say we have a well done show tonight, but, then it wouldn't be rare.(beat) I read in school today, Eskimos eat whale meat and blubber. I would to, if I ate whale meat. (beat) My brother stayed up all night trying to figure out where the sun went when it went down. It finally dawned on him. (breaks character) Who the hell wrote this shit ?"

Monitor cuts to a PLEASE STAND BY full screen.

CUT to stage, Whitey throwing a fit. Assistants encircle him.

"This is bullshit... Where is Joan ? (some kids in audience start booing) And tell those rug rats they can kiss my ass."

CUT to Dudley, looking very worried.

CUT to Joan Jameson and Sterling Morris walking onto the soundstage, as Whitey rants.

"What the hell are you trying to do to me, Joan ? Sterling, you gotta fire Jameson... she's out to ruin me... she'll take down your whole empire just because she's frigid."

"What is he talking about, Miss Jameson ?"

"Mr Morris, let me handle this... please, I can get it under control."

INSERT shot of Dudley. He fidgets, then walks over to Whitey, Joan and Morris.

"Is there... is there a problem, Miss Jameson ?"

"No, Dudley... everything is fine. Whitey is trying to blame his slump on everyone but himself."

"Screw you, bitch. (to Morris) Look, Sterling, Joan hired this old coot (points to Dudley) and he couldn't write a decent Bazooka Joe wrapper, much less material for me."

(to Morris as he tries to hide the joke book behind his back) "Mr. Morris, sir... today is my first day, and I'm a bit nervous... I admit I may not have done my best work, but if you'll give me some time to adjust ..."

(to Joan)
"You should know better than to put a new hire on the show without training first. I strongly suggest you pull a back up script for today's shoot."

"Yes sir."
(Morris leaves)

(sniffs and wipes nose)
"I'll be in my dressing room." (he leaves)

(to Dudley)
"It's not your fault, Dudley... don't worry about it."

CUT to Whitey, storming to his dressing room. JIM NABORS is standing in the wings. Whitey stops and looks him over once.

(yells back to stage)
"And who is the asshole who booked this old fossil on the show ?"

Whitey doesn't wait for an answer, storms out of shot, leaving Jim Nabors standing there with a perplexed look on his face as if he is about to say "Sha-zam!" (but of course, he CANNOT in this reality).

DISSOLVE to montage consisting of the following, perhaps some of which could be actual news footage (note: back to middle eastern score for this montage): Wide shot of LEBANON, present day. Series of cuts: there are soldiers with machine guns in streets, freedom fighters plotting attacks, a car bomb blows up, Muslims abusing Jews, there is chaos and terror. Last cut is BLACK ADAM observing this with a troubled look, from the clouds.

CUT to KUWAIT, present day. Series of cuts, of Islamic clerics torturing women, children being abused, and Black Adam watching, and troubled.

CUT to AFGHANASTAN, present day. Again, series of cuts showing hardships of the people, and Black Adam observing.

CUT to EGYPT, present day. A flying black figure lands on top of a PYRAMID. Series of cuts intersecting a troubled Black Adam with shots of modern day troubles of Egyptian people. Cut back to Black Adam, on the Pyramid, and he lets out a primal scream.

DISSOLVE to establishing shot of BROMFIELD MANOR, shortly before sunset. Two figures are at front door.

CUT to front porch. Billy and Mary are there. The door opens, and NICK and NORA BROMFIELD, Mary's parents, step out. Mary pets her wire fox terrier, who comes out to greet her.

"Mom, dad...this is my bud, Billy. We'll be out in back."

(shakes Billy's hand)
"Nice to meet you, Billy."

"Mr. Bromfield. . .Mrs. Bromfield."

(warm, friendly smile)
"Hello, Billy."

They step back in, and Nanny Primm steps out of house.

"Do you need a heavier sweater, Mary?"

"I'm fine, Nanny."

"uh... Mrs Primm ? Have you spoken to your son today ?"

"No I haven't. Why?"

"Well, he wasn't in school today... and I was... just wondering."

DISSOLVE to HUGE OAK TREE in backyard... Billy and Mary are sitting under it.

"Okay, first, do you, like, own any other shirts ?"

(blushes a bit)
"Actually... I wanted to tell you something."

"Go on."

"Well... you see... I... you told me I could talk to you about anything, right ?"

(smiles warmly)
"It's okay... tell me."

"I'm Captain Marvel."

"Yeah, right."

(stands up}
"I am... I'll prove it... (steps back a few paces) Shazam !"

Thunder booms, lightning strikes Billy, as Mary screams and covers her face with her hands.

CUT to close up of Mary... she slowly uncovers her eyes... then she looks with amazement.

CUT to Mary's POV of Captain Marvel.

CUT to two shot of Mary and Captain Marvel.


Once again, thunder and lightning, and Billy is back. Mary gets up and runs to Billy.

"How... how did you do that ?"

"Do you believe in magic ?"

CUT to Bromfield Manor kitchen window, Nora leans out.

NORA (calls out)
"Kids... you better come inside... I heard thunder."

CUT back to Mary and Billy.

MARY (yells back weakly)
"Sure, Ma. (to Billy) Does anyone else know ?"

(shakes head no)
"But I'm gonna tell my uncle tonight. "

"Do you think you should ?"

"I have to. When Captain Marvel is needed, I can't.. I won't lie to him or make lame excuses to get out of the house, or to skip school. I won't live a double life with my family."

"Why...why did you tell me?"

"I just... feel like I can trust you with anything... it's weird, but I feel like I've known you forever. I was busting at the seams... I'm Captain Marvel! I had to tell someone... and I thought of you."

"You are such a chuckle head."

"I thought I was an angel."

"So, where do you go when you change? I mean, where is Captain Marvel now ?"

"Where does a dream go when you wake up ? Where does a wish go ?"

NORA (off screen)
"Kids! Come in now!" (Billy and Mary giggle)

DISSOLVE to Captain Marvel flying through the sky, holding Dudley. Evening.

"My boy, this is miraculous. . . you still are Billy, aren't you ?"

"Yes... and no. Billy and I share all the same memories... we are both aware of all that is happening to each other... you could say we have the same personality... yet we are different aside from the fact I have the abilities of the elders."

(broad grin)
"Simply miraculous."

DISSOLVE to Black Adam, flying across the sky at a great speed.

CUT to military base, a soldier at a radar screen.

SOLDIER (calls out)
"Sir ! (an officer enters shot) Unidentified flying object detected, sir. Headed toward Fawcett City. Could be terrorist activity."

"Keep an eye on it. I'll contact HQ."

DISSOLVE TO Sivana's hotel room. He is at a desk, intensely working on a mechanical gizmo.

SIVANA (calls out)
"Beautia! (works for a beat, then slams his screwdriver on the table) Where is that worthless - - "

Beautia rushes in, out of breath.

"Hi, daddy... I was just watching the news report on Captain Marvel."

(back tinkering with the gizmo)
"Yeah. (beat) I have a job for you. I want you to keep an eye on the kid."

"Who ? You mean Billy ? (concerned) He's an innocent boy... please don't get him involved with your -- " (she censors herself)

"He is the only other person who knows about Black Adam... I have a theory he may be the key to the sudden emergence of this Captain Marvel."

CUT to Billy, dressed. in a suit, walking down a sidewalk - late afternoon. He's whistling.

NORA (off screen)

Billy Looks to see where that came from.

CUT to Billy's POV - a block down the street - Four GANGSTERS are attempting to kidnap Mary. Two are holding on to her, Ferace (from the earlier kidnapping attempt) is pointing a gun at Nora and another gun at pedestrians passing by as a warning to not get involved, the fourth is in a fist fight with Nick. About half a block behind them, some workmen are lifting a large SAFE up a skyscraper with a pulley.

CUT back to Billy. He runs up to them.

"Let her go now."

One of the two holding Mary lets her go and grabs Billy in a bear hug.

"Get rid of that kid... hurry."

The gangster pulls Billy into an ALLEY.

"Let me go now!"

"Kid, you are dead... don't make it painful, too."

"I'm serious... this is your last warning... step away or else I won't be responsible."

"What ? (pulls out a pistol and presses it to Billy's temple) Got any last words ?"

"Just one."

CUT back to the kidnapping in progress. Thunder booms and there is a flash of lightning. The Gangster runs out of the alley, screaming in pain, his clothes burnt and smoking, blisters and burns covering his skin. Nick and the other gangster stop fighting and look on. Captain Marvel steps out of the alley.

CUT to close up of Mary.

"Now you goons are gonna get it."

CUT to Captain Marvel. He grabs the guns out of the Ferace's hands, and crumbles them like tin foil.

"I believe your daughter has a dance to go to."

"Yeah, dad... I don't want to be late."

"Mary, you are the most optimistic person I have ever known. (to Marvel) And you, sir. . .you are.. .marvelous."

"Thank you...thank you very much."

Nick and Nora escort Mary down the street, as police sirens can be heard in the background. Captain Marvel grabs the two closest gangsters by the lapels and LIFTS THEM UP. Ferace runs off. A police cruiser pulls up and Captain Marvel hands the two gangsters to the cops. He then runs to the workmen with the safe, grabs the pulley cable from them.

"Stand back !"

Captain Marvel rips the cable off the pulley, and the safe FALLS. Before it hits ground, Captain Marvel starts swinging the cable like a lasso, with the safe circling over head like a giant yo-yo. Captain Marvel lets the cable go, and the safe flies across the air, and crashes on the sidewalk INCHES in front of the running Ferace. He stops in his tracks as another police car pulls up.

CUT to Captain Marvel, in typical superhero pose, hands on hips, big smile on his face. A plainclothes detective, MUSCLES McGINNIS, approaches him.

(flashes badge)
"Detective McGinnis. Who are you, pal ?"


"Captain Marvel."

(looks at notepad)
"Are you a transfer from the San Francisco Police Department ?"

"I'm not a police officer."

"Of course... military. Should've known Nick Bromfield would bring in special ops to protect hls daughter from the Scorpion."

"The Scorpion ?"

"Yeah, some freak gangster... wears a hood, his identify is unknown... been after the Bromfield girl for months now."

CUT to a tight concerned reaction shot of Captain Marvel, which -

DISSOLVES to tight establishing shot of the Azarias and St. Raphael statue on the front lawn of the Cathedral- - still late afternoon. Pan out to reveal BILLY, dressed in a suit, looking at the statue. Swing music can be heard coming from the social hall.

BILLY (mumbles)
"I know how you feel."

CUT to interior of social hall, loaded with kids dancing and having fun. A swing orchestra is playing.

CUT to iso shot of Nick and Nora Bromfield, chaperoning.

CUT to Freddy and Sunny swing dancing.

CUT to Mary, talking and laughing with Sister Grace, a habit-clad nun.

CUT to Billy, as he enters the hall. In the foyer, there is a statue of JOHN PAUL THE GREAT, with an inscription on the base that reads "John Paul The Great. Be not afraid."

CUT back to Freddy and Sunny swing dancing.

CUT to a priest, Father Don, shaking hands, talking and laughing with Nick and Nora Bromfield.

CUT to Cissie, with six other girls around her, including Darla.

"We flew... can you believe it ? Flew ! It was so amazing."

Billy approaches.

"Hi, Cissie... sorry I'm late... I was takin' care of business (beat) in a flash."

"And he spoke to me ! (notices Billy) Oh, Hi, Billy... was there a long line at the punch bowl?"

"I, uh... I just arrived."

(calls out)
"Hey, Melissa... listen to this !"

"Captain Marvel rescued me! I flew with him !"

The girls walk off toward Melissa, leaving Billy alone.

(to no one)
"May be we could dance later ?"

CUT to Mary. She saw, and walks to Billy.

"Now remember, you can't be jealous of yourself."

BILLY (grins)
"Thanks, Mare."


"My parents won't let me date yet, but I think it would be okay to have a dance with my bud."

CUT to orchestra on the bandstand.

"Well kids, that does it for our first set... we'll be back in about twenty minutes. Until then, enjoy some records."

CUT back to Billy and Mary.

"Boy, you just lucked out."

Freddy and Sunny enter shot, all smiles.

"Man, this is a great dance ! I gotta enroll in Catholic school!"

"But Freddy... you're Jewish."

FREDDY (in Yiddish accent)
"So I'll convert !"

"Uh, Freddy? Not everyone (points to Billy) is having fun tonight."

"Come on Billy, lighten up. Cissie has her head in the clouds now, but she really likes you."

"Yeah, Billy... don't hold this against her."
(Mary makes a face at Sunny when she looks away)

"Just go find another girl." (Sunny jabs him) "I meant just to dance with."

"Yeah, like my dream girl is gonna walk through that door."

CUT to entrance. Beautia, in a stunning gown, walks in. A record of Elvis' That's Someone You'll Never Forget starts. She spots Billy.

"Hi, Billy!"

CUT to Billy and Mary.

(whispers to Billy)
"How many powers do you have ?"

CUT back to Beautia. Billy approaches her.

"Hi, 'Tia. What are you doin' here?"

(flashes a slightly naughty smile)
"I came to see you."

CUT to Cissie, in the middle of telling her story to a group of girls, when she spots Billy and Beautia.

". . . and he lifted me (trails off as she spots Billy) in... his... arms..."

She forgets about the girls and walks out of shot.

CUT to waist up shot Billy and Beautia by the bandstand. They begin slow dancing to the Elvis record. (intersect with close ups as needed)

(after a moment of silent dancing)
"Actually, I came to warn you... about my father."

"What do you mean ?"

"Look, my father is brilliant. One of the most brilliant men alive. But with brilliance also comes some mental instability. You know what you saw in his lab... and he believes there is a connection between you and Captain Marvel."

(looks at her in shock)
"But... but, I'm just a kid."

INSERT to Freddy, Mary, and Sunny, watching from across the dance floor. Cissie joins them.

CUT back to Billy and Beautia dancing.

"I swear, Billy, on my own life, I won't let him harm you... but watch out, okay ? Just in case (pauses) just in case something happens to me."

(holds her tighter)
"He wouldn't.... he's your father..."

Beautia looks at Billy with a look that says she knows better.

"Don't worry about me, 'Tia. Look out for yourself. Get away from him. You're an adult. Leave him."

"I can't, Billy... he's my falher. Sometimes I'm the only one between him and total madness. (smiles) Come on. you're ruining our dance."

(forces a smile to mask his eyes tearing up)
"But... but, you're my hero... you saved my life."

They hold each other tight for a moment, then Beautia gives Billy a sweet, innocent kiss on his lips.

INSERT to Freddy and Mary, giving a high five. Cissie fooks pissed. Sunny looks stunned.

CUT back to Billy and Beautia dancing.

"Was that your first kiss ?"

Billy nods, stunned and silent.

"You realize it's all down hill from here ?"

The record ends and zoom out to reveal, in order for them to slow dance, Beautia is standing on the dance floor, and Billy is standing on a step leading to the bandstand.

CUT to Black Adam, flying across the Fawcett City sky - that moment, just before sunset.

BLACK ADAM (screams)
"SIVANA ! !"

CUT to an Air Force fighter jet, flying nearby.

"I have visual contact, sir... (shocked) My God ! It's a man! A flying man !"

CUT back to Black Adam. He arcs down to the city, and crashes into a skyscraper, through the other side, pulling debris out in his wake.

CUT back to Alr Force jet.

"It's an attack, sir ! He just crashed into a building !"

CUT back to Black Adam, arcing down close to the street, he picks up a TAXI, and flies upward with it.

INSERT interior of taxi... the driver is in a panic.

CUT back to Black Adam, flying upward, then hurls the taxi at another skyscraper. The taxi explodes into a ball of fire upon impact with the building.

CUT to the streets of Fawcett... people are starting to run out of buildings in chaos, as civil defense sirens turn on an eerie wail.

CUT to the Air Force jet. It flies right at Black Adam and opens fire. The shells bounce off Black Adam.

CUT to interior of jet cockpit.

"Oh God ! He can't be stopped ! He's still alive... he's not even injured !"

CUT to Black Adam, he glares at the jet in rage, then flies after it as it tries to escape, following every maneuver.

CUT to interior of jet cockpit.

He's flying after me ! He's going to catch me! Please, tell my wife I love her."

CUT to Black Adam, right behind the jet. He grabs onto the cockpit's hood and rips it off. He pulls the pilot out of the cockpit and throws him down to earth, screaming. He then grabs ahold of the jet and aims it at another building, and the jet crashes into it.

CUT to the social hall. The lights blink on and off. The dance comes to a halt. Father Don is on the bandstand and speaks into a microphone.

"Attention please... it seems that we are currently under attack."

There is silence except for some whispered "Oh no's" .

FATHER DON (con't)
"Please, in a calm and orderly fashion, quickly make your way to the social hall's basement. We will wait there until the all clear is given."

CUT to Billy. He looks at Beautia. She knows what is happening. Billy looks at Mary. As all the kids start moving to the exits, Mary walks to Billy and Beautia.

(pulls Beautia)
"Come on, we have to go ! (turns to Billy and whispers) Don't just stand there, chuckle head... go save the day. I'll cover for you."

Billy and Mary smile at each other, then Billy runs out of the hall.

CUT to Billy, as he runs in the foyer. He stops and looks at the statue of John Paul the Great. He glances at the base.

INSERT POV close up of the base inscription "BE NOT AFRAID."

CUT to close up of Billy. He nods reverently, then runs out.

CUT to Billy running outside... he sees chaos in the streets... buildings on fire, one collapses to rubble. He Iooks up in the sky which is red from both the fires and the sunset.

BILLY (screams)

Thunder claps, and a bolt of lightning strikes Billy, transforming him to Captain Marvel. He hurls himself upward.

CUT to several TANKS rolling into the city. A soldier with a BULLHORN is on one of the tanks.

"Evacuate the city... leave your belongings and evacuate immediately...evacuate the city...leave your belongings and evacuate immediately...."

Other MILITARY TRUCKS roll in, some with SPOTLIGHTS, They are turned on.

CUT to the sky above Fawcett City. Black Adam is flying as a red and gold blur crashes into him, knocking him out of frame.

CUT to Black Adam as he somersaults through the air. He regains control, and looks for what hit him.

CUT to POV of Captain Marvel, flying at a great speed directly at Black Adam.

CUT to Black Adam, stunned by what he sees, allowing Captain Marvel to sock Black Adam with a mighty uppercut. Again, Black Adam flight falls out of control. He regains control and glares at Captain Marvel. He flies toward him.

CUT to wide shot of Black Adam and Captain Marvel speeding at each other, fists extended. There is a sonic boom, and the impact is thunderous. Many windows in buildings explode. Both figures fall to earth. Then they hit ground, all the surrounding car alarms turn on.

CUT to ground level. News photographers and reporters are ignoring the military and broadcasting the aerial fight.

CUT to the Winnebago - that moment.

Cut to interior. Dudley is in his Lazy Boy, watching the scene unfold on TV.

"Be careful, Billy... please be careful."

CUT to Sivana's hotel room. He also is watching the news report, with an evil, mirthless grin.

CUT back to the battle. Black Adam is on his feet, and grabs a sledge hammer from a nearby construction area. He swings and hits Captain Marvel on the head with it as Marvel is trying to get up, knocking him back down. Black Adam lifts the sledge hammer to swing it again. On the down swing, Captain Marvel catches it in his hands and pulls it away from Black Adam. Black Adam backs away as Captain Marvel stands up and raises the hammer to hit Black Adam. Black Adam continues to back away as Captain Marvel stalks him. Black Adam grabs a steel beam from the construction site and with lightning speed bends it around Captain Marvel, then another beam, and another, and another, until Captain Marvel is immobilized in a barrel like cell made from the beams.

CUT to Social Hall basement. Beautia is staring up out a window.

"No... it's all my fault... "

"Come on, ma'am. It'll be okay. Captain Marvel will stop him."

"You don't understand. I could have prevented all of this from happening ! That creature has the same power as Captain Marvel. He cannot defeat him."

Beautia runs to the steps, and rushes up them.

"Lady, don't go out there - -!"

Beautia is gone. The crowded basement is stunned silent. Mary takes a rosary out of her pocket, kneels, and starts praying. Father Don, Sister Grace, and the Bromfields do likewise. Others then join in.

CUT back to the steel beam cell, with Black Adam standing victorious. Suddenly, the cell begins to vibrate and then shatters with shrapnel flying all over. Captain Marvel punches Black Adam, sending him crashing into one of the cars. Black Adam lifts the car up, and hurls it at Captain Marvel, as he gets to his feet. On impact, the car explodes into a ball of fire. Captain Marvel walks out of the blaze unharmed. Black Adam is surprised, then quickly lifts another car and hurls that at Captain Marvel. On impact, it also explodes into a ball of fire. Black Adam quickly grabs another car and throws it at Captain Marvel. It explodes, making the ball of fire double in size. Black Adam grabs yet another car, throws it. It explodes. Black Adam pauses.

CUT to a crowd of military, police, and firefighters a few yards away, watching. Beautia pushes her way to the front.

BEAUTIA (screams)

CUT to ball of fire.

CUT to Black Adam. He smiles.

CUT back to fire. Captain Marvel walks out of it unharmed. He leaps at Black Adam, and tackles him to ground.

"How did you get the power ?"

Captain Marvel does not answer him. (Black Adam is on his back, Captain Marvel kneeling over him) Captain Marvel begins punching Black Adam in the face repeatedly, with both arms. After about six punches, Black Adam starts bleeding from his mouth and nose.

"This is for every kid who ever wanted to kick thier teacher's ass!"

Captain Marvel continues to pound him. Black Adam pushes Captain Marvel off. Black Adam hauls off a mighty punch that sends Captain Marvel crashing back into a building.

CUT to Beautia breaking free from the police officer restraining her. She runs to Captain Marvel, and helps him up. Their eyes lock on each other. She kisses him on the lips.

"Love at first sight."


"How did you know my name ?"

(imitating Shazam)
"I know everything."

CUT to Black Adam, his face a bloody mess. He turns to retreat, but spots Beautia. He grabs her.

"Lead me to your father, now."

Captain Marvel moves to free Beautia, but Black Adam puts his hand around Beautia's throat.

"Do not follow me or I will snap this harlot's neck."

Black Adam flies away with Beautia, as Captain Marvel looks on helpless. Marvel then leaps into the air and flies off in another direction.

CUT to establishing shot of the Rock of Eternity. A red and gold blur speeds through the air toward the Rock.

CUT to establishing shot of the corridor. Shazam's throne is empty. Captain Marvel flies in and lands near the brazier. He pauses a moment, then picks up two rock flints from inside the brazier.

INSERT close up of his hands. He strikes the flints together, lighting the torch.

CUT back to wide shot. Captain Marvel steps back. The ghostly form of Shazam materializes on the throne. Captain Marvel bows down on bended knee.

CUT to tight shot of Shazam

"Why do you summon me from my eternal rest?"

CUT to Captain Marvel, still bowed down.

"Sire, I fought Black Adam. It was a stalemate. Victory was not mine."

CUT to profile shot of Captain Marvel and Shazam. Shazam stands up.

"If you try to defeat Black Adam by brute force alone, the battle will last for centuries. The two of you are equal in strength and stamina. My son... you have the wisdom of Solomon. Use it. That is how you can defeat Black Adam."

Shazam disappears.

CUT to Captain Marvel. He stands up. He thinks a moment.

"We have the same power. (beat) But, that means --"

Captain Marvel smiles in realization.

DISSOLVE to establishing shot of HIGHTOWER HOTEL - night. Black Adam, carrying Beautia, flies into shot and around the building.

CUT to Sivana's hotel room - interior. He sees Black Adam through the window and opens it. Black Adam flies in the room, and drops Beautia on the floor, and approaches Sivana.

"There is another with the power. Did you have anything to do with that ?"

"No... believe me, I'm as surprised as you are. Perhaps Shazam did this ?"

"The wizard is dead. And you will be also if I do not get some answers."

Sivana chuckles nervously, as he pulls Beautia in front of him.

"Adam, pal, we're in this together. (angrily at Beautia) Clean his face ! Wipe that blood up!"

Beautia cautiously approaches Black Adam and mops the blood off his face with a handkerchief.

"I give you my word, we will conquer and rule the world together. Don't you remember our friendship from your life as Theo Prirnm ? You can trust me."

(lost in thought)
"Theo Primm is like a dream to me. I know his life, but it is like l observed it rather than lived it."

Beautia steps aside, and Sivana puts his hand on Black Adam's arm in a gesture of friendship.

"You are exhausted from the battle. Your mind has yet to comprehend your rebirth. You need sleep. Go in the other room and sleep. We will plan our strategy temorrow."

Black Adam exits to the other room. Beautia attempts to throw the bloody handkerehief in a trash can, but Sivana stops her. They speak in hushed tones so as not to alert Black Adam in the next room.

(takes the cloth from her)
"I will be needing this."

"No, daddy... don't. Don't open that Pandora's box, please."

"This is my entire life. With this, I will rule the world...all will bow down before me."

CUT to the Winnebago - that moment. The figure of Billy Batson goes inside.

CUT to interior of the RV. Dudley rushes to Billy.

"Oh, thank God you're all right. Did you capture him?"

(shakes head no)
"Mr Primm has the same power I have. We're too equal."

"How in the world can you stop him, then ?"

"With one magic word."

DISSOLVE to a PRESS CONFERENCE on the steps of CITY HALL - daytime. The focus is on three men. NICK BROMFIELD, STERLING MORRIS, and JOHN MALCOLM, The Mayor addresses the reporters.

"In the wake of last night's terrorist attack on Fawcett City, as mayor, I am proud and humbled to say that our city's three wealthiest men have vowed to rebuild the destruction area with their own money, not costing our taxpayers one cent. May I present to you Nick Bromfield, owner of Bromfield Real Estate... Sterling Morris, owner of WHIZ, incorporated... and prominent archeologist John Malcolm."

CUT to the press conference being televised on a morning news show, as John Malcolm steps to the podium.

"Fellow citizens, I have been to every corner of the globe, experienced every culture of civilization, I have even survived a trip to New York (beat). But Fawcett City will always be home."

The video cuts to a BREAKING NEWS graphic, with the anchor.

"We interrupt this news conference with breaking news. We have received word that there has been a burglary at the Fawcett Zoo. Apparently in the over night hours, the zoo was broken into, and a tiger has been stolen. Some zoo executives are blaming Peta for the theft, but a representative of Peta issued a statement denying Peta's involvement."

CUT to Sivana, in his lab. We hear a tiger growl in the background. Sivana has a vial of blood-like serum. He laughs insanely as the tiger roars again.

CUT to Miss Jameson's office. She is at her desk, reading a script, as Dudley is seated.

"Now this is some really good material, Dudley. (she giggles, reading the script) Oh, I would Love to see Whitey in this situation."

"I'm so glad you like it, Miss Jameson."

(still reading script as she stands up)
"Oh, yes... this is hilarious. We will tape this episode immediately."
(picks up phone, presses button)

DISSOLVE to establishing shot of WHIZ area of Fawcett City. The WHIZ building is on the left side of the screen. Across the street, on the right side is Parker Park. It is mid afternoon, and there is quite a bit of traffic and pedestrians. There are also some military tanks patrolling the streets.

CUT to Billy and Freddy, in the park, playing catch.

CUT to Dr Sivana, walking into the WHIZ building.

CUT to WHIZ building lobby. Sivana walks toward Doc Quartz's Drug Store.

CUT to interior of the drug store - the soda fountain. Doc Quartz is serving a banana split to Darla. He sees Sivana enter.

CUT to Sivana, walking to the pharmacy counter. As he gets there, Quartz walks behind the counter.

(cheerful and friendly)
"Hello, Thaddeus. What can I do for you today ?"

(somewhat cold)
"I need some beakers and test tubes (hands Quartz a list) and these chemicals."

(looks at list)
"Hmmm... doing a big experiment, Thaddeus ?"

"Something far beyond the understanding of a tinkerer like you."

"Yes... well, it'll take me a while to fill this list. (smiles, with another attempt at friendship) Would you like to wait at the soda fountain ? I developed a new gelatin that you must try."

"Just have the order delivered to my apartment, Quartz. I'm staying at the Hightower." (he exits)

"Try not to burn that place down, you arrogant jerk."

CUT to Billy and Freddy playing catch.

CUT to Sivana exiting the WHIZ building. He walks down the sidewalk, passing Billy. Neither one see or notice each other. We stay focused on Billy, as he plays catch with Freddy. We follow the ball as each one of the boys talk.

"So, Freddy... did you talk to Sunny today ?"

"Uh huh."

"Did she mention anything about Cissie ?"

"Oh yeah."

Billy catches the ball then walks to Freddy.

"Tell me already."

"Cissie is kind of mad you danced with that gorgeous blonde...and kissed her ! (beat) And I'm mad you never told me about her. I'm supposed to be the cool, popular guy, and you're supposed to be my dorky sidekick. Where was I when you turned into Mr Playboy ?"

"Look, Freddy..."

"Here I am feeling sorry for you and helping you get dates 'cause you seem so shy, when it turns out you have this gorgeous. . . what is she, like 19 or 20 ? Man!"

"Are you done yet ? (beat) Me and Beautia - -"

(gets a shit eating grin)
"Beautia ? ! ?"

"Oh, I give up."

"Not so fast.... (points behind Billy) here comes Cissie."

Billy turns around.

CUT to his POV of Cissie walking up to them.

CUT back to Billy and Freddy.

(takes the ball from Billy)
"I'll leave you two alone. Just tell her you like her, and she'll forgive you." (exits as Cissie enters)

"So... who was she ?"

"Just a friend. Look, I didn't say anything to you
when you spent the whole night going on about Captain Marvel."

"That was different. (beat) Well, I didn't kiss Captain Marvel."

"Cissie... I like you. I know you like me or you wouldn't be making such a big deal out of this."

"So, then... you just wanna forgive and forget ?"

(somewhat confused)

(big smile)
"Okay. (beat) See ya at school."

She leaves and Freddy walks back up to Billy. Billy looks at Freddy.

"Okay... you are the cool one and I'm the dorky sidekick."

"All is right with the world again."

DISSOLVE to Sivana's apartment, where Black Adam is asleep on a couch. He awakens, and sits up. After a moment, he stands up and walks into another room where he sees....

CUT to Black Adam's POV - a high back chair (back to the camera) where we see someone sitting in it, apparently smoking a pipe, but we cannot see who it is.

BLACK ADAM (off screen)
"Sivana. . ."

CUT to wider shot, as Black Adam approaches the chair.

BLACK ADAM (con't)
"...did you come up with any plan of attack ? I thought of one that worked against the Mongolians when we had a war with them... are you listening to me ?" (he touches the figure's shoulder)

CUT to tighter shot of chair. MISTER TAWNY - a humanoid tiger, wearing a silk
smoking jacket, slippers, smoking a pipe, and reading a book - startled, stands up from the chair.

"I beg your pardon, sir !"

CUT to Black Adam, reacting in utter astonishment.

CUT to Sivana, entering room from other side, chuckling insanely.

"Black Adam... may I introduce you to Tawny."

(correcting Sivana)
"Mister Tawny. (holds out paw to Black Adam) Delighted to meet you, sir."

Black Adam eyes the tiger's paw, then shakes it tentatively.

"Well then... if there's nothing else, I'll go back to my Dickens." (he holds up his book, then exits to another room)

"Oh, just imagine the army we can create... the race of slaves to serve us...(cackles insanely) You may have the powers of the gods, but it is I who created life." (laughs as he exits)

CUT to close up of Black Adam, looking worried.

(softly to himself)
"What kind of mad land of fables is this ?"

DISSOLVE to the Whitey Murphy sound stage. The crew is assembled.

CUT to Miss Jameson and Dudley, sitting in director's chairs off set.

CUT to the director in the control room, He speaks into the intercom.

"Where the hell is Whitey ? We've been waitlng for twenty minutes."

CUT to Whitey, in his dressing room. He is dressed up like TINY TIM, complete with stringy wig and ukulele, and he looks pissed. There is a knock at his door.

P.A. (off screen)
"Mr Murphy... the crew is waiting."

"Screw 'em all. I am not doing this ! This is not comedy, this is just an opportunity to embarrass me."

CUT to Miss Jameson and Dudley. The P.A. enters and whispers in her ear. She gets up and exits, followed by Dudley.

CUT back to Whitey in his dressing room. He pulls the stringy wig off and throws it in anger. There is another knock at the door.

CUT to Miss Jameson, on the other side of the door.

"Come on, Whitey... be a man. We have a show to tape."

CUT back to Whitey in the dressing room. He is setting a sugar bowl down, and wiping his nose with the other hand.

"Go to hell. You and that old man you hired. I know what you're trying to do, Jameson, but it won't work. It is in my contract, I am not to be made the butt of any jokes. My character is always to be written with dignity and respect. I am not the stooge. It's in writing, and I will call Sterling on this."

CUT to Miss Jameson. She gives Dudley a compassionate look. Dudley walks away crestfallen as we hear Elvis' All I Needed Was The Rain on the soundtrack. We follow Dudley sadly walking down the hall alone.

DISSOLVE to establishing shot of HOSPITAL.

CUT to interior of hospital, operating room. A doctor has just finished surgery, and leaves, leaving the nurses with the patient.

CUT to exterior of O.R. The doctor exits from the doors, pulling his mask off, then his gloves. He pauses as he spots something suspicious.

CUT to doctor's POV of a short man (back to us) dressed in what appears to be traditional Chinese garb, going through something we cannot see.

DOCTOR (off camera)
"Excuse me... "

The Chinese man turns around. He is bald underneath his cap, is wearing Cokebottle glasses, and has very long and white "fu manchu" mustache and goatee.

DOCTOR (continue)
"... who are you and what are you doing in here ?"

The Chinese man smiles a familiar smile. It is now obvious this is Dr. Sivana in disguise.

SIVANA (in bad Chinese accent)
"Oh, very sorry. I am Dr. Footu Yu. I am here by Chinese government... (pulls out a fake credential) to observe American medicine to bring back to China. "

CUT to two shot. The doctor takes the credential and eyes it, then hands it back to Sivana.

"Welcome, Doctor. ..uh.. ."

"Footu Yu."

"...yes, You are free to observe the surgeries, but you really shouldn't be walking around alone. Didn't the office assign you to a doctor ?"

"Yes, yes, yes. Dr Edgewise. He tell me wait. He say he be back soon. "

"Oh... all right then. (leaves) I'll see you later, perhaps."

Sivana smiles, and returns to what he was doing.

CUT to the doctor, walking down a crowded hallway in the hospital. He passes a frail, thin, blond doctor walking with a limp and an antique cane.

"Hi, Don."

"Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard..."

The doctor passes Doctor Edgewise. He stops him.

"Hey, Bob, don't you know its against hospital policy to leave a shadow alone ?"

"Yeah, so? I don't have a shadow today."

The doctor rushes back to the O.R.

CUT to the outer area of the O.R. where Sivana was... he's gone. The doctor rushes in, looks around. He makes a frustrated face.

DISSOLVE to Sterling Morris' office. He is behind a huge antique desk. Called on the carpet are Whitey, Miss Jameson and Dudley. Morris slams the telephone receiver down.

"Damn it ! My anchor for Whiz Kidz Newz just quit. His mother said his grades have fallen too low. Grades ! This is show business ! The last thing we friggin' need is educated talent ! Speaking of which, what the hell is your beef today, Murphy ?"

"Fire Dummy !"

"It's Dudley."

"I know." (beat)

"Don't do that."

"Look, Sterling... I think it may be time to terminate Whitey's contract. His ratings have fallen, he has a substance abuse problem, he's a primadonna and he's starling to look his age."

"He's not buying it, Joan... maybe you better get on your knees... Isn't that how you got this job in the first place ?"

"You bastard."

"You bitch."

"That's enough !! I have a mind to fire the whole lot of you. This is ridiculous. Murphy, get your ass back on set. I'll get you another script. (Whitey starts to exit office) Jameson, you better start controling your people - - (Whitey is gone, Morris stops in mid sentence and changes tone) Keep up the good work, Joan."

Miss Jameson smiles, winks, and exits office.

"Dudley, I'm sorry, but I have no choice but to let you go. (shrugs) If you were 12, I'd hire you to anchor Whiz Kidz Newz. Damn, what am I going to do about that ?"

CUT to Dudley, who brightens up.

"Mr Morris, I may have the answer to your problems... I also have a side business... a talent agency... er, Shazam Incorporated. I have a client, Billy Batson, a bright 12 year old, who would be a perfect anchor for Whiz Kidz Newz."

CUT to Sivana's laboratory. He enters with a tray.

INSERT shot of tray. Several aborted fetuses are laying on it.

SIVANA (voice over)
"Thank the gods for the democratic party !"

CUT back to wide shot. He sets the tray down on a table, then picks up a beaker of the serum made from Black Adam's blood. Beautia enters, interrupting him.

"Please daddy, I beg you... don't do this."

"You wretched little brat. This will be my army. My unstoppable army with the power of Shazam, who will be devoted to me. (he grabs Beautia by the throat) You should try being devoted to me. I am your father. Speak out against me once more... (squeezes his grip tighter) I'll kill you, daughter."

He releases her. Sivana walks out of laboratory.

"Do yourself a favor and don't be here when I get back."

Beautia waits until Sivana is gone. She then quickly grabs the blood serum and pours it down the drain with running water. She then takes a bottle of CASTOR OIL from her pocket, and pours it into the beaker. She glances to see if Sivana is on his way back. She grabs another vial from her pocket, of RED FOOD COLORING. She pours a little into the beaker, and mixes it, to match the color of the serum. It's not quite right, so she pours another drop in. She hears Sivana on his way back into the laboratory. Her heart begins to beat faster as her breathing quickens. She quickly grabs the bottle of castor oil and shoves it back into her pocket with the vial of food coloring, and rushes out of the laboratory, just as Sivana walks back in carrying a rack of empty test tubes. He places it on the table, and beqins mixing a few drops of the serum with some other chemicals in another beaker.

CUT to Bromfield kitchen. Mary and Sarah Primm are there. Primm seems worried.

"Mary... that indigent child you're friends with --"

"Billy ?"

"He said he is in my son's class, didn't he ?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Could you please ask him, next time you see him... if my son has been in class recently ?"

"What's wrong, Nanny ?"

(puts on a brave face)
"Nothing to worry you, child. I just haven't heard from my son in a few days. And thank your friend for me. Billy?"

"Billy Batson."

CUT to close up of Mrs Primm. The name Batson has troubled her greatly, as if long suppressed memories have suddenly been unleashed.

DISSOLVE to establishing shot of WHIZ building.

CUT to the WHIZ KIDZ NEWZ set. Billy is at the anchor desk. Off set Sterling Morris, Joan Jameson, and Dudley watch.

"... and that is the news kids are interested in. Be sure to watch tomorrow when we start our special report on allowances. . . in today's society, are they still relevant when most kids have their own credit cards ? I'm Billy Batson, and we'll rock tomorrow."

Morris, Joan, and Dudley applaud and approach Billy.

"That was great, Billy... you're a natural in front of the camera."

"Yes, you have a great personality, and you're likable. I say we sign him up."

"That's great , Miss Jameson.... Mr Morris... but... I hate to say it, but... these stories I read are kind of , y'know, talking down to kids. (points to his script) Are allowances relevant ? That's kind of patronizing. And that sign out, we'll rock tomorrow? I don't know any kids who talk like that."

CUT to tight shot of Morris and Joan, both with intense looks.

CUT to Billy, somewhat sheepish.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to insult your show or anything...."

CUT to Morris and Joan. Morris lights up with a huge smile.

"This kid is brilliant ! ! Give him creative control over the newscast ! We're gonna start kicking ass in the ratings, and build credibillity."

CUT to wide shot of all four on the set. Morris exits, still talking. Dudley is bearning with pride.

"Sign this kid up right now, Joan.... This is gonna be GREAT !"

CUT to Joan and Billy. She hands him a clipboard with a contract and a pen.

(puts her free arm around Billy's shoulder)
"Just sign at the bottom of page four and page six, Billy... (points to a line in the contract) this is how much you'll make a week."

(his eyes widen, and he signs fast)
"Say, Miss Jameson... how about if we start covering high school sports?"

(beams at the idea, and kisses Billy on the cheek)
"Now why didn't I ever think of covering school sports ?"

Joan walks off, leaving Billy there who ponders, touching the spot Joan kissed.

(softly to himself)
"I wouldn't call that going downhill."

DISSOLVE to Sivana's lab. He is there as beakers and test tubes bubble and smoke.

CUT to shot of aborted fetus on a tray. Sivana injects it with the red syrum.

CUT to close up of Sivana. He smiles and waits a beat. His smile fades.

"Its not working... (puts hand to head in thought) did I miss anything... why isn't it working ?"

CUT to a shadowy doorway... Beautia leans into the light, as she observes her father's failure. She smiles.

CUT to WHIZ costume department, Billy, Dudley, and a tailor are there. The tailor is measuring Dudley.

"Are you sure this will work, Billy ?"

"If we do it right, Black Adam will buy it."

"Huh ? What is this for again ?"

(stammers )
"uhh... well, it's...uhhh...."

"It's for a news report... we're going to dramatically recreate some of Captain Marvel's exploits."

"And you're going to play Captain Marvel ???" (chuckles)

"Sir, I'll have you know I was boxer in high school."
(does some shadow boxing)

(eyeing his moves)
Yeah, it looks like you could use a flea bath."

DISSOLVE to Sivana, in his lab, his head on the table, hands to his scalp in frustration.

"I don't understand. I checked and triple checked everything. I've tried six different fetuses. Why isn't it working ?"

Black Adam hovers in.

"Sivana !"

Sivana looks up at him.

"I am done waiting. I want to take over this world now."

CUT to Sivana. A sinister smile comes to his lips.

"Yes... there is no need to wait."

Sivana stands up and walks to a large object covered in a tarp.

"I have my Captain. Let the war begin!"

Sivana pulls the tarp off the large object, revealing a broadcast transmitter jammer.

(yells out)
"Beautia ! Get over here!"

Sivana picks up a video camera on a tripod from beside the transmitter and sets it aimed at his desk, as Beautia enters.

(notices transmitter)
"Daddy... please... don't start this."

Sivana sits at his desk.

"Sorry. . . Black Adam is getting bored. It's time for the shot heard 'round the world."

CUT to Beautia's hand, pulling the master switch on the transmitter.

RAPID CUTS between different television screens being jammed by Sivana (also some cutaways of Sivana's Lab with Beautia operating the camera) .

"Good afternoon everyone. I interrupt the TV programs you have been watching... actually, I interrupt your lives, with this special bulletin. I am Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana. Memorize that name, for I am the rightful ruler of the universe. I demand that all the world's governments and the United Nations immediately transfer all political leadership to me. I demand all
presidents, prime ministers and monarchies immediately proclaim their obedience to me. I demand all military vow their loyalty to me. And I want the leaders of all the world's religions to coronate me emperor of the world in a lavish, unequaled ceremony on my next birthday. Now, I'm sure you must be asking yourselves, 'why should we do this?' Because I have a god on my side. . . "

Beautia's camera pans to the window and zooms out to Black Adam hovering in the sky, in front of the sun like a human eclipse.

SIVANA (con't, OS)
"...and until I get alI my demands, he will do nasty, evil things to all of you until each and every one of you scream for mercy and surrender your wills to me."

Beautia's camera pans back to Sivana, but she pauses for a second on a wall calendar that clearly states "Hightower Hotel".

INSERT shot of Billy watching on a monitor in the WHIZ studio. He nods at Beautia's clue.

CUT back to Sivana on camera.

"Have a great day, and I'll have a better tomorrow."

CUT to Billy and Freddy, outside the WHIZ building, as people begin crowding in the streets to look up in the sky.

"Freddy.. quick, run to your place and tell my uncle...uh..." (picks up a stick and writes in the dirt)

INSERT POV of what Billy wrote: the word "shazam" .

BILLY (con't. os)
"Do you see what that says ?"

CUT back to Billy and Freddy.

"Shazam ?"

"Right. Just say that to my uncle."

"I don't get it, Billy. What does - -"

"Just do it, Freddy... I can't explain now. Run as fast as you can and tell him that... please Freddy, go!"

"Okay, Billy... sure."

CUT to Freddy, as he takes off running down the street as fast as he can.

CUT back to Billy, as more people begin flooding the streets. Billy steps back into an alley.


Storm clouds form, thunder booms, lightning strikes Billy and he transforms instantly to Captain Marvel. He flies upward.

CUT to Freddy, running quickly down his street. He runs into his building.

CUT to interior. Freddy runs up a flight of steps.

CUT to Freddy and his Grandpa's apartment. Grandpa and Dudley are at the kitchen table playing cards.

Freddy slams open the door.

"I have a kreebidge."

"Shazam !"

CUT to close up of Dudley, shocked look on his face.

"What did you say, boy ?"

"I have a kreebidge."

CUT to Freddy.

"I don't know. . . . Billy told me to tell you Shazam. . . . wouldn't explain to me what it means... said you'd know."

"I have a kreebidge!"

CUT to Dudley, standing up, grabbing his coat.

"Dear Lord, lt's started."

"I have--"

Dudley briskly rushes out of the apartment without saying another word, much to Freddy and Grandpa's bewilderment.

(looking at cards in his hand)
"...but I have a kreebidge." (Freddy glances at Grampa's cards.)

CUT to the Bromfields and Sarah Primm among the crowd looking skyward.

"Let's go, Nick... I'm frightened."

CUT to close up of Mary.

(softly to herself)
"Come on, Billy... you can do it."

CUT to Captain Marvel and Black Adam hovering in the sky, sizing each other up.

"Mr Primm... we don't need to do this..."

"Don't call me that."

(grabs Black Adam by the shoulders)
"Mr Primm... I know you are in there somewhere. Regain control... resist... with all your might, all your will power, be the hero you once were."

Black Adam pulls away from Captain Marvel, then strikes the first blow. Marvel winds up and hauls off a mighty punch on Adam, and he falls down to earth.

INSERT shot of the Bromfields and Sarah Primm among the crowd watching the fight. The Bromfields and others run as Black Adam falls to the ground near where they were, but Sarah Primm doesn't move.

CUT to Black Adam, on the ground, dazed. He shakes his head, and gets up, turns to come face to face with --

CUT to Black Adam's POV of Sarah Primm. She has a look of horror.

CUT to close up of Black Adam. A look of recognition on his face.

CUT back to Sarah Primm, still in horror.

(beat) "Theo ?"

CUT to wider shot of Black Adam and Sarah Primm.

INSERT close up of Black Adam. He almost has a look of shame on his face.

CUT back to the wider shot of Black Adam and Sarah Primm. Black Adam flies upward back to the fight. Sarah remains motionless.

INSERT close up of Sarah, still with the look of horror, now laced with physical pain.

(dazed) "Theo ?"

CUT back to wider shot. Sarah collapses on the sidewalk.

CUT to the Bromfields, a few yards away. Nick spots Sarah.

"Oh, no ! Mrs Primm !"

He runs off to her, followed quickly by Nora and Mary.

CUT to Black Adam, airborne. He looks for Captain Marvel. He doesn't see him. His attention turns to the ground.

CUT Black Adam's POV of Sarah laying on the sidewalk. Nick kneels down and carefully cradles her in his arms. Nora and Mary enter.

"She's breathing."

NORA (yells)
"Help ! Paramedic ! We need help !"

CUT back to Black Adam. His face is full of sorrow. We see Captain Marvel flying up behind Adam, as Adam's expression turns to bloodcurdling rage. Just as Captain Marvel is about to hammer Adam, Adam pivots around and socks Captain Marvel with a massive punch to the face that sends Marvel falling miles back.

CUT to Captain Marvel, as he pulls out of his freefall. We zoom to a close up where we can see Marvel is bleeding from his nose. He looks stunned, realizing Black Adam is pissed, and the fight is about to get ugly.

CUT to Black Adam flying mach 3 toward Captain Marvel. Sonic boom roars.

CUT to close up Captain Marvel, with just the slightest touch of fear in his eyes.

"It's showtime."

CUT to Black Adam flying straight to Captain Marvel, who takes a blocking stance. The two figures collide and whip out of the shot.

CUT to wide shot of the two figures in mid tackle, hurling across the continent.

CUT to HOLLYWOOD. Warner Brothers Studios. A sound stage, looks like the interior of a castle, where a blockbuster movie is shooting. Something with a knight dressed in a SCUBA wetsuit and a velvet cape. He's got ahold of the heavy villian in a choke by the throat. The director is an artsy Brit.

"You'll never get me to take a human's against my code...(breaks character and begins speaking in a British accent to director) ...Hey, mate, this doesn't make any bloody the next scene I blow the bloody castle up and kill all the poor wankers in it. And why am I on this crusade anyway, when you had the killer caught the night of the murder and sent to prison?"

"Don't worry about the bloomin' script...all the fans boys are bloody convinced I got this character spot on, so just sod it... and action!"

(in American accent again)
"You'll never get me to take a human life..."

Captain Marvel and Black Adam crash through the sound stage roof, into the middle of the set. The actors and crew run in terror. The director runs to the camera to save the film, but as Marvel and Adam fight towards him, the director flees without the film. Marvel and Adam destroy the camera and film in their fight.

CUT to wide shot of the movie lot. Marvel and Adam crash out of the sound stage, and punch and fight each other, crashing into other sound stages, with the crews running out in terror. Like a mini- tornado, the fighting pair wreck the movie studio. Black Adam punches Marvel which sends him flying crashing through half a BILLBOARD of KRYPTONMAN, a figure in a pink cape, powder blue tights with a yellow triangle emblem with the symbol "Kr" on his chest, and a dainty spit curl in his hair. The billboard reads "Coming Soon from Warner Brothers....the 26th remake of KRYPTONMAN!" Marvel pulls out of his freefall, arcs around and rips the other half of the billboard out and smashes it over Black Adam's head. Marvel and Adam continue fighting. They crash through the security wall and are outside the studio property. Marvel currently has the upper hand in the fight. Marvel socks Adam and he crashes back through the wall into another soundstage. Actors and crew run out in panic, as Marvel crashes into the studio.

CUT to exterior of soundstage. It shakes as if there were an earthquake, and then it collapses into rubble, as the fighting figures of Marvel and Adam are all that remain in the dust.

CUT to Black Adam, giving a massive uppercut to Captain Marvel, which sends him hurling into the air, crashing into the Warner Brothers water tower, exploding into splinters. Marvel continues his upward ascent, disappearing in the distance. Black Adam then flies after him.

CUT to ENGLAND. Carnaby Street. Busy and crowded. Suddenly we hear a woman scream in terror. Everyone looks up in the sky.

CUT to their POV of the figure of Captain Marvel falling from the clouds. Following behind flying is Black Adam.

CUT to wide shot. Marvel crashes to earth, leaving a huge crater in the street, as cars are blown off the road and pedestrians are knocked to their knees. Black Adam lands and starts punching Marvel.

CUT to Marvel and Adam, in a brutal fist fight. Both are now bleeding from noses and lips, black eyes forming. People around are running away and screaming in terror.

CUT to a bobby with his night stick, looking like he's about to run in to break up the fight.

CUT to Marvel and Adam. Adam lifts Marvel up over his head and throws him through the glass window of a boutique.

CUT back to the bobby. A look of shock on his face. He drops the night stick as if it were boiling hot, and cowardly runs away.

CUT to Marvel flying out of the boutique and grabs Adam in a half nelson wrestling hold and flies off with him.

CUT to the sky as Marvel holding Adam flies off. Adam struggles causing Marvel to lose control of his flight and they crash inlo BIG BEN.

CUT to interior of Big Ben's clock works. Adam is free of Marvel's grip, and they begin fighting, breaking all the clock works, making holes in the brick walls.

INSERT shot of people fleeing as bricks from Big Ben fall to street.

CUT back to Big Ben interior. Marvel socks Adam, and he crashes through the CLOCK FACE, and it falls to the street, injuring passing pedestrians as they jump out of the way.

CUT to Marvel getting a better hold on Adam (fulI Nelson). He flies off with him.

CUT to the sky. Marvel taking his hostage, when Adam breaks free, grabs Marvel by the leg, and whirls him around and throws Marvel out of sight. Adam then flies after Marvel.

CUT to IRAQ. The call to prayer is echoing through the city speaker system. Many Muslims begin praying on the steps of the mosque. Suddenly Marvel and Adam fall to the ground out of the sky, fighting. The Muslims scatter and scream. Marvel and Adam fight, thier punches knocking each other into palaces and buildings, leaving large holes.

CUT to Iraqis with machine guns. They encircle the fighting figures and open fire. Bullets ricochet off Marvel and Adam and crash through windows. Before some bullets can hit bystanders, Marvel superspeeds to them and deflects the bullets. Marvel then flies upward. Adam follows.

CUT to sky, safely away from civilians. Adam, still with a look of rage, blindly charges Marvel. Marvel hauls off a good punch, which sends Adam into a tailspin.

CUT to PARIS FRANCE. Adam freefalls into the Eiffel Tower. Marvel flies to him, and they begin fighting again.

CUT to Parisians on the street, turning to see what is going on.

CUT to Adam and Marvel, fighting. With each punch one gives to the other, the recipient of that punch falls back into a Paris landmark or building like a wrecking ball, and having the same effect. One by one, Paris landmarks and buildings fall and implode as if being demolished by a wrecking crew.

INSERT reaction shot of crowds.

CUT to Adam, he flies to the base of the Eiffel Tower, and with a mighty pull, lifts it up.

CUT to wide shot of Adam, as he flies upward with the tower, and smashes Marvel on the head with it, breaking off the first fifty or so feet of it, and continues hitting Marvel, breaking off fifty feet of the tower, until the tower is destroyed. Marvel is very groggy and dazed, on his hands and knees on the ground. Adam flies upward, then extends his arms in clenched fists for the death blow, and speed down to Marvel. Marvel grabs a large beam from the destroyed tower and hits Adam like a baseball, and it's a home run.

CUT to Parisians on the street, shaking threir fists in the air and cursing Marvel and Adam in French.

CUT to VATICAN CITY. A black streak is falling from the sky.

CUT to Captain Marvel following near by. His eyes widen.

"Oh no... we're not destroyinq that city !!"

CUT to wide shot of Adam falling from sky aiming at St Peter's Square.

CUT to thousands of Italians kneeling in the streets praying the rosary.

CUT to their POV of Adam falling from the sky, almost like an eclipse as he blocks the sun.

CUT to tighter shot of several ltalians praying.

CUT to Adam falling, nearing the roof of St Peter's. A red blur whizzes past at the last second, pulling Adam away.

CUT to the figure of Pope Benedict XVI, his back to us, standing on the balcony, watching Marvel pull Adam out of Vatican City. The Pope blesses Marvel as the two figures disappear into the clouds.


CUT to interior of an office. An African UN official (on telephone) and his suck up aide are there.

"...these super-powered madmen are destroying landmarks and entire cities. This is a global emergency. We need to unify the world's military to take them out. To hell with America."

CUT to CHINA airspace, as Marvel, still holding Adam, flies by. Adam struggles, causing Marvel to arc down. They crash through the great wall of China, leaving a huge hole.

CUT to Chinese military base. Chinese soldiers looking at radar monitors.

CHINESE SOLDIER(in Chinese with English subtitles)
"It is in our airspace. Fire the missile."

CUT to WMD launcher taking aim, then fire.

CUT to Marvel and Adam flying. Marvel's eyes widen.

CUT to Marvel's POV of missile coming at them.

CUT to missile striking and exploding in a mushroom cloud.

CUT to ground shot of two figures falling unconscious from the sky (Marvel's uniform torn and scorched). They strike the ground.

CUT to Chinese military in tanks lining up in front of the fallen figures, then opening fire on them. The shells bounce off both figures, but awaken them.

CUT to Marvel getting up and at super speed, he then runs to all the tanks and pulls the gun barrels off them. He then grabs Adam by his lightning chest plate.

"Enough of this destruction. Let's finish this where it all started. At the Rock of Eternity."

Marvel pulls Adam at superspeed. There is a sonic boom as they turn into a blurry streak.

CUT to wide shot of the Rock. The blurry streak lands at the base of the Rock.

CUT to the base of the Rock. Captain Marvel holding Black Adam by Adam's lightning chest plate. Adam tries to break Marvel's grip.

CUT to close up of Captain Marvel.

(with a slight smirk)

CRASH CUT to SLO MO shot. On soundtrack we hear a slo mo thunder clap. Black Adam has a look of shock on his face as Captain Marvel pulls Adam to the spot Captain Marvel was at when he said the word. The lightning is getting closer. Adam is on the spot Marvel was on as Marvel speeds several yards away in a blur (even in slo mo).

CRASH CUT back to real time. The lightning strikes Black Adam, transforming him to Theo Primm, as Captain Marvel watches from several yards away. Theo is dumbfounded.

CUT to Captain Marvel. He speeds off in a blur to grab Theo.

CUT to wide shot of the red blur approaching Theo.


Captain Marvel is too late. The lightning slrikes Theo, changing him back to Black Adam, and the force from the transformation throws Captain Marvel, and he lands on his back some feet away. Black Adam, visibly furious, flies to Marvel and starts punching him in the face. They fight into a cavernous entrance in the Rock.

CUT to Dudley, dressed in the Captain Marvel costume, walking out from Shazam's corridor on the Rock. His pace quickens, and he reaches Captain Marvel and Black Adam fighting. Dudley quickly GRABS Captain Marvel's arm just as Marvel back swings to hit Black Adam. Apparently, Dudley is strong enough to stop Captain Marvel.

"What are you doing ?"

"Stop this fighting now !"

In fury, Captain Marvel pulls his arm loose from Dudley's grip, then takes a swing at Dudley. Full impact of the punch and Dudley IS NOT EVEN FAZED.

CUT to Black Adam, looking on in shock.

CUT to a wider shot of the three. Dudley quickly grabs Captain Marvel in a "sleeper hold", Marvel struggles to break free, but cannot.

"My boy, do not mess with Uncle Marvel !"

"Okay... I give. (Dudley releases him ) Why are you doing this ?"

"Fighting like school yard bullies.... when each of you have had the power as long as I have, you'll reafize how foolish you are being. You should team up."

"How long have you had the power ?"

"Almost two thousand years. Each century, I get stronger. I also discovered a way to deactivate the magic word. (beat) Shazam."

CUT to Black Adam, ducking, watching out for any stray lightning. Nothing happens. He smiles.

"How did you do that ? Show me."

CUT to three shot.

"It's a spell, actually. (he waves his arms around Black Adam) Ouyay umbday holeassay. (beat) There. Say Shazam."

"Shazam !"

Thunder booms, lightning strikes Black Adam and he reverts to Theo Primm. Captain Marvel quickly grabs Theo by the throat, and squeezes slightly so he cannot speak.

"Sorry, Mr Primm... no talking in detention."

The ghostly image of Shazam materializes and speaks to Theo.

"Theo Primm, I never anticipated science could be used to recreate Black Adam. My error was I merely stripped Teth-Adam of the use of the power, but he still possessed it, although it lay dormant. You, his clone, were able to activate the power. So I cannot strip you of the use of the power, but I must remove it from your being."

Shazam waves his arm over Theo's body, and a glowing orb of lightning (representing the power) seeps from Theo's body and hovers between him and Shazam.

"Now, I must encase this power into a host vessel where it will remain safe and inaccessible to you or anyone else who is unworthy."

The glowing orb begins to spin on its axis, gaining speed, until it shoots off like a top with a crack of thunder, disappearing.

CUT to hospital waiting room - that moment. Mary Bromfield is laying across her parents' laps on a couch, asleep. Nick and Nora are also dozing off. There is complete peace and silence. Suddenly, Mary leaps up in shock. She seems to have a slight glow to her. Nick and Nora are awakened by this.

"What's wrong, honey ?"

"I don't know... I must have had a nightmare. I must be worried about Nanny Primm."

"She'll be all right, Mary. We have the best doctor taking care of her."

CUT back to Captain Marvel, Theo, Dudley and Shazam on the Rock. Shazam gestures at the three of them and they disappear in a flash of lightning.

CUT to the subway station, exterior. Captain Marvel, Theo, and Dudley appear in another flash of lightning. Captain Marvel releases Theo, as several police approach.

"Shazam. (beat. Nothing happens.) SHAZAM ! (beat) Damn you, Shazam. (the cops grab Theo, and put him in handcuffs) I will get the power back, if it takes me a hundred years, If I have to make a deal with the demons themselves. "

The cops lead Theo away, as he continues to rant like a madman, screaming "take me to my mother... I want to see my mother!" Detective McGinnis approaches.

"Good job, Marvel . We'll turn him over to the international court. The president granted you asylum, but if I were you, I wouldn't leave the country until Washington can smooth things over with those idiots at the UN. Too bad you can't disappear until things cool off."

"You'd be surprised. (beat) Get a squad over to the Hightower Hotel. We still have to catch the brains behind all of this."

Captain Marvel leaps into the air, flying off. Dudley and McGinnis run to his car.

CUT to Hightower Hotel. Squad car sirens can be heard.

CUT to Sivana's room. Sirens getting louder.

"That can't be good."

He looks out the window and sees Captain Marvel some distance away flying right to it.

"Oh, shit. (pulls a remote control device from his pocket) Time for plan B."

Sivana presses a button on the remote control. Lights flicker and it makes a beeping sound.

CUT to a nearby abandoned building with condemned signs around it. It starts to rumble and tremble as if there was an earthquake. Then a skyscraper-sized robot, MR. ATOM, crashes out of the building.

CUT to Captain Marvel, as he hears the loud crash. He lands on the street, as the ground shakes with enormous thuds that sound like footsteps of a giant. Captain Marvel looks around to see where its coming from. He spots somethlng in the distance.

"You got to be kidding me."

FAST ZOOM OUT to MR ATOM among the skyscrapers, headed toward Captain Marvel. Marvel leaps up and attempts to attack Mr Atom who tries to swat Marvel away like a fly.

CUT to Hightower Hotel. There is a loud engine roar, and a metal blur shoots out of the building into the sky.

CUT back to Captain Marvel and Mr Atom. Marvel hits Atom, but it has little effect on the giant robot.

CUT to several army tanks that have been in the area. A couple soldiers are out of the tanks talking.

"Should we try to shoot that thing?"

"I don't know...if it falls, it'll wipe out four or five buildings."

CUT to the metal blur, streaking across the sky with the engine roar.

CUT to the interior of the metal blur -- a smalI rocket ship piloted by Sivana. He chuckles.

CUT to close up of a small box on the dash board. In it, the handkerchief with Black Adam's blood. Sivana picks up a microphone in the dashboard, and speaks into it.

"Mr Atom, go to headquarter number 14 in stealth mode."

CUT to the metal blur of a rocket ship, speeding away.

CUT to Captain Marvel and Mr Atom. Atom swats Marvel, who falls to the street, skidding across leaving a trench in the concrete.

CUT to Mr Atom, as rockets blast from his feet and palms, lifting him into the air. Mirrored panels unfold around his frame, making him virtually invisable. As he gains atmosphere, the rockets go silent.

CUT to Captain Marvel, in a crater at the end of the trench. He gets up, looks around for Mr Atom. Not seeing him, he flies to the Hightower Hotel.

CUT to a dozen police squad cars pulling up to hotel. Cops run into hotel, followed by Dudley and McGinnis.

CUT to Captain Marvel about to fly thru Sivana's window.

CUT to Sivana's hotel room. Cops, McGinnis and Dudley have entered. Captain Marvel enters through the window.

"Search this place."

Several cops go into different roorns in the apartment.

"It's no use, he got away. . . for now."

CUT to a cop, walking out of a bathroom, with a shocked look on his face. We hear the shower running.

"You ain't gonna believe what I just saw."

Mr. Tawny, dripping wet, holding a bath towel around his waste, and somewhat irate, storms out of the bathroom.

"What is the purpose of invading my privacy ? Is this an illegal search and seizure ?"

CUT to another cop, pulling Beautia out of a room.

"I found another accomplice."

CUT to Captain Marvel, who releases Beautia from the cop's grip.

"No. She helped me on this case. She's (pauses) like an under cover agent. (beat) And this...tiger..."

"Mister Tawny, at your service."

"Yes, Mr Tawny. I doubt he was aware of Sivana's crimes."

"Crimes ? Oh, dear me, no. I am a law abiding citizen. l would never willfully break any laws. I had no idea Dr Sivana was a criminal."

"Well, all right. I'll trust your judgment, Captain Marvel."

(approaches Tawny)
"Sir, my name is Dudley Mentor (hands Tawny a business card) of Shazam Incorporated. I do believe I can get you a job on television. Hosting a children's show."

"Do tell! I would love to introduce real culture to the pop saturated youth."

CUT to a third cop, entering from another room with the tray of aborted fetuses.

"What in Heaven's name was that mad scientist going to do with these poor things ?"

DISSOLVE to Sarah Primm in a hospital bed. EKG and other machinery connected to her. Dr Edgewise is there as is Nick, Nora, and Mary.

"She's had a massive heart attack. All we can do is make her comfortable."

Nora begins to sob. Mary holds her mom tight.

(fighting back tears)
"May we stay with her ?"

"Yes, of course." (he exits room)

CUT to close up of Sarah. She coughs and opens her eyes.

"Mary... ?"

CUT to Mary and Nora. Mary sits on the edge of Sarah's bed.


"I'm here, Nanny Primm."

"I'm so sorry, Mary."

"What for ?"

"For the horrible thing I did to you and your parents."

"What are you talking about, Mrs. Primm ?"

"Please, Lord, forgive me. (coughs) Mary is not your daughter."

"Nick, she's delirious. Call the doctor."

"I'm afraid it's true. (coughs) Remember when you hired me to be your daughter's nanny ? I was a nurse in the hospital where she was born. (coughs) Days earlier, I was refused a pay raise, so I was more than happy to give my resignation to the hospital in a rather insulting manner. But hours later, your daughter died of SIDS."

"No ! It can't be true ! Mary is right here!"

(coughs harder)"Lord forgive me... I paniced. I needed the job. (coughs) I quickly put your dead baby in another crib in the nursery, and took that baby girl, to replace your daughter. (moans in sorrow) Forgive me !"

CUT to close up of Mary, knowing her life will never be the same.

CUT to Nick and Nora. Nora is sobbing.

"No, I don't believe you ! Why are you doing this ?"

"Why, Sarah ? In God's name, why ?"

CUT to Sarah Primm.

"I meant no harm. The girl I took was a twin. In my panic, I rationalized that the other couple would still have a child. (coughs violently) And I knew Mary would have a marvelous life with you."

CUT to Mary

"I... I'm a twin ? (beat) Nanny, do you remember the name of that family ?"

CUT to Nanny Primm.

(grimaces in pain) "Batson."

Sarah closes her eyes and dies, and the EKG flatlines.

CUT to Mary reacting to the news.

DISSOLVE to Captain Marvel and Beautia, in the lobby of the Hightower Hotel, as we see cops in the background carting away Sivana's laboratory and files. Also in the background we see Tawny (now fully dressed in a very loud suit) signing a contract with Dudley.

(flashes a naughty smile)
"So... about that under cover work...?"

Captain Marvel blushes in embarrassment. Beautia, grabs him and kisses him passionately on the lips.

"When can we live happily ever after ?"

"Beautia, I'm so flattered you feel this way about me....but, I...I..."

BILLY (voice over)
"I'm only 12 years old. I really like you, Beautia, but I'm only a kid. I would love for us to live happily ever after ....but, it just wouldn't be fair to you."

"I care for you so much... I couldn't risk endangering you as a target for my enemies."

Beautia looks heartbroken. Captain Marvel gives her a tender smile.

CUT to tight shot of Captain Marvel and Beautia looking at each other. Marvel leans in a bit.

"If it's any consolation, you're the greatest lady I ever met."

Captain Marvel leans in more. Beautia shuts her eyes to kiss him.

CUT to wider shot of the two. Instead, Captain Marvel gives her a tender punch on the shoulder and exits. Beautia touches the spot on her arm.

"That was romantic."

DISSOLVE to Billy and Dudley, walking up the Bromfield driveway (night time).

"It was nice of Mary's folks to invite us to dinner. Too bad I couldn't bring Beautia."

"My boy, you made the right decision. That cute little Cissie Sommerly is more your style, anyway."

(sighs) "Yeah, but she sure doesn't have a pair of legs like Beautia."

They get to the door, and it opens. Nick is there, somewhat somber.

"Come in, guys... we have to talk."

DISSOLVE to living room. Nick, Nora, Mary, Dudley and Billy are all seated. Billy and Dudley look in shock.

CUT to Billy.

"Mary... my sister ?"

CUT to Dudley, tears welling in his eyes.

"My dear child... you look so much like my darling baby sister."

CUT to Nick and Nora.

"Now, Mary told me how you two have been living in an RV, and Nora and I have talked it over... you're family now... we have plenty of room...Billy, we want you to move in with us. You too, Dudley."

"Yes, it would be such a pleasure to have both of you... and I think Mary and Billy need to be together now."

CUT to Billy, Dudley, and Mary.

"But I just got my room the way I like it."

"Chuckle head."

"I think it would be a marvelous idea."

CUT to Nick and Nora.

"Billy, we have your new room all set... you'll be down the hall from Mary... and Dudley if you don't mind, you can have the third level loft. It has a separate entrance and a kitchenette, so you could have privacy. It was Nanny Primm's quarters...but (gets choked up) you'll be very happy there."

CUT to Billy, Dudley and Mary.

(anxious )
"But, Uncle Dudley, maybe we should talk this over first... I mean I and stuff."

CUT to Nick and Nora.

"Don't worry, son... you can go to St Raphael's. We'll be more than happy to pay your tuition."

CUT to Billy, Dudley, and Mary.

(smiles sheepishly)
"Thank you... (stands up and pulls Dudley up) But I still think we should discuss it first." (pulls Dudley into kitchen)

CUT to kitchen.

"What about... Captain Marvel ? (Mary enters) How am I gonna sneak out when he's needed?"

"Tell them."

"I can't. I barely know them. Plus, am I gonna have all kinds of rules and chores and stuff ? "

"I know I've given you free reign, Billy. Maybe I was wrong. I think this move would be good for you. As for Captain Marvel, both Mary and I can cover for you until you feel comfortable telling them. (pause) You need parents, Billy. "

"They're not our parents!"

CUT to Mary, somewhat hurt.

"They're my parents."

CUT back to wide shot. Mary walks out. Billy looks at Dudley.

"Why can't it be just you and me, Uncle Dudley ? Why is everything changing ?"

"Trust me, my boy... this is right."

"Okay, I'll try it... for a while. But he better not call me 'son' again."

CUT to living room. Billy and Dudley walk back in. We don't hear what they are saying, but Billy nods, and Nora runs to him and hugs him tight, Mary then hugs both as Nora holds Billy. Nick then joins the embrace. Dudley stands off to the side and smiles.

DISSOLVE to tight shot of a monitor. Billy, on the air with WHIZ KIDZ NEWZ.

". . . . and that's how how I discovered my twin sister is still alive after all these years. For Whiz Kidz News, I'm Billy Batson. Stay tuned for Cartoon Classics with your new host, Mr Tawny, right after this commercial break."

CUT to Morris and Dudley, off set, smoking expensive cigars.

"Dudley, you, sir, are a genius."

Billy walks up to them. Dudley smiles, as he takes a puff of his cigar.

"My boy, my boy, my boy."

Mr Tawny rushes by them to get ready for his show.


(puffs his cigar)
"Yes, Dudley... a genius."

CUT to a ciose up of Billy, with an ear to ear grin. Elvis' If I Can Dream starts playing on the soundtrack. The song continues as we - -

CUT to MONTAGE of Captain Marvel (recreating classic comic book covers):
a) throwing a VW beetle against a brick wall.
b) pulling a sinking ship to shore with a long chain.
c) crashing through a bank wall holding two bankrobbers.
d) chained to a wall with bullets bouncing off him, as crooks shoot.
e) stopping a shark from attacking a woman.
f) stopping a giant generator turbine by leaning into it with his shoulder.
g) final shot should be of Captain Marvel in a heroic pose.