Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Review: Batman '66 #26

This issue, written once again by Jeff Parker, introduces Poison Ivy into the 66 Universe. Poison Ivy was created shortly before the TV series went into production, but never made it onto the show, instead doppelganger characters like Marsha Queen of Diamonds and Louie the Lilac were created for the series. Unlike Harley Quinn or Clayface or Croc, Poison Ivy is a character that could really fit naturally into this continuity. But my problem is Parker, true to form, is only about 50% inspired by the 1966 Batman, and 50% inspired by Joel Schumacher's Batman movies.  His take on Poison Ivy seems to be more in harmony with Schumacher than William Dozier and Lorenzo Semple Jr.  What also hurts is the art by Jesse Hamm, like so many artists on this series, turns in art a little sloppy, a little raw, and a little too Mad Magazine satire style.  This issue earns a C-, and another plea from me to DC to bring in better artists, and to bring in Andy Fish to write the scripts.