Friday, January 27, 2012

Geoff Johns talks Shazam

In a new interview you can read at Newsarama, Geoff Johns talks about the upcoming Shazam reboot beginning in Justice League # 7 (postponed from its original start of issue 5).

I won't comment on it until I read the actual issue, but reading between the lines, some things have me worried. I don't like the idea of the character no longer being named Captain Marvel.  In a way, it makes this an all new character.

I'm concerned Johns may once again make Black Adam the center of the series, and wonder why, if this is to be a reboot, he can't just spend some time developing Billy's character before bringing in the rest of the Marvel, er... Shazam Family and Black Adam.

And I'm concerned we may still be saddled with the typical post-1990 portrayal of Billy as a whiny moron, with Captain... er, Shazam, sharing the same obnoxious personality.

I guess we'll get some answers in a few weeks when Justice League #7 is published.

Johns also mentions, somewhat unconvincingly, there is still hope for a Captain Marvel movie.

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