Sunday, July 21, 2013

Man Of Steel Sequel to co-star Batman

At the San Diego Comic Con, Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder confirmed there will be a sequel, even though the movie dropped drastically from first place at the box office to tenth in only four weeks.  Further more, it will feature Batman. Perhaps, by putting Batman in the sequel is Warner Brothers' insurance policy that the movie will have better legs and not dive bomb off the box office like Man Of Steel did.  Will the new movie be titled World's Finest ?

While I liked Man Of Steel when I first saw it, and wrote my review, upon thinking about the movie more, I found I began to like it less and less.  A good example is Jonathan Kent.  Originally I thought how he died was moving.  But after thinking about it, I realised how dumb it was. I disliked the whole X-Files approach to the character and feel a more meaningful death is like in the original Richard Donner movie, where he dies and there is nothing Clark, with all his powers, can do to prevent it.  Here, Clark is just being ordered by Jonathan to do nothing. Really stupid the more I think about it.  The whole movie is kind of like that. 

There is a big question as to how Batman will be portrayed.  We do know this will be a rebooted Batman, and not the version from the Christian Bale-Christopher Nolan movies.  It looks like Snyder will have some major creative control as to how Batman is rebooted for the screen. It also brings up the question, "who will be cast as Batman?"  Snyder, at the Comic Con, had an actor read a line from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns after making the announcement.  Snyder was once rumored to be interested in filming a live action version of the Miller graphic novel.  This could lead one to believe Snyder's rebooted Batman will be very much influenced by Frank Miller, emphasised by the fact the new Bat emblem shown for the Man Of Steel sequel/World's Finest movie looks just like Miller's artwork (thankfully the awful Crow like emblem from the Nolan movies is history)... hopefully the new Batman costume will be better, also, and the new actor won't speak like he has throat cancer. But the bad news is David Goyer once again will be back to co-write the script.  Really, this guy is way over rated, and he has too much influence over the DC movies.  It's past due to bring in some fresh blood on this. Snyder should bring in Frank Miller to co-write the script with, and drop Goyer. This could also lead to Miller taking over as director for the Batman franchise when it spins off from The World's Finest.


Sam said...

It would be so funny if Batman gets more screen time in "Man Of Steel II" than he got in "Dark Knight Rises".

Simplex said...

Wes Bentley for Batman. Since DC recently added Carrie Kelley to the mainstream DCnU, I bet Snyder will use her as Robin in the movie. Bella Thorne would be a good pick. John Cleese for Alfred. Either Kurt Russell or Bryan Cranston for Jim Gordon.

Gotham Punk said...

Jim Caviezel as Batman
Olivia Holt as Carrie Kelly
Billy Zane as Lex Luthor
John Cleese as Alfred
Ted Levine as Jim Gordon

Gernot said...

NO one should play Commissioner Gordon but Adam West! NO one! :)