Monday, January 3, 2011

Petition WB for Shemp Howard Vitaphone and Stooges MGM Collections

In a previous column, I suggested petitioning Sony to release another volume of The Three Stooges Collection DVD series. Now, I'd like to ask all Stooges fans to begin petitioning Warner Brothers. Shemp Howard made around 30 shorts at Vitaphone (Warner Brothers) in the 1930s. I have read reports Warner Brothers were considering releasing a Shemp Howard Vitaphone Collection on DVD, but plans seemed to have cooled off. We need to contact them to let them know we want this DVD set to be released thru their Warner Archives division. The Shemp Howard shorts are (although this may not be a complete list):

In the Dough (1932)
Close Relations (1933)
Here Comes Flossie (1933)
Salt Water Daffy (1933)
A Peach of a Pair (1934)
Art Trouble (1934)
Corn on the Cop (1934)
Dare Devil O'Dare (1934)
Dizzy and Daffy (1934)
How'd Ya Like That? (1934)
I Scream (1934)
Mushrooms (1934)
My Mummy's Arms (1934)
Pugs and Kisses (1934)
Pure Feud (1934)
Smoked Hams (1934)
Very Close Veins (1934)
His First Flame (1935)
The Officer's Mess (1935)
On the Wagon (1935)
Serves You Right (1935)
So You Won't T-t-t-talk (1935)
Why Pay Rent? (1935)
Absorbing Junior (1936)
The Blonde Bomber (1936)
The Choke's on You (1936)
For the Love of Pete (1936)
Here's Howe (1936)
Punch and Beauty (1936)
While the Cat's Away (1936)
Kick Me Again (1937)
Taking the Count (1937)

In addition, please petition Warner Brothers to release a Three Stooges MGM Collection DVD that would include their MGM shorts NERTSERY RHYMES, HELLO POP, BEER AND PRETZLES, THE BIG IDEA, and PLANE NUTS, as well as the Curly solo short ROAST BEEF AND MOVIES, the Moe and Curly short JAILBIRDS OF PARADISE.

Contact Warner Archive to request they release The Shemp Howard Vitaphone Collection and The Three Stooges MGM Collection.


Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
Phone: 818-954-6000


Ryan Fay said...

JAILBIRDS OF PARADISE and HELLO POP are considered to be lost films.

DH said...

They used to say the same thing about the Stooges' very first film, SOUP TO NUTS. Now it's on DVD.

Wiseguy said...

"Hello, Pop" was located in 2012