Saturday, October 8, 2011

Such an original idea for a movie!

Classify this in "What the - -?" column.  It has been announced comic book writer Mark Millar's Captain Marvel rip-off character, "Superior", will get a movie, to be directed by Matthew Vaughn.  Superior is about a young boy with MS who becomes a superhero through a magic wish.

Meanwhile, the development on the Captain Marvel movie seems to stalled to a complete stop, with director Peter Segal virtually invisible, and the much hyped script by Geoff Johns and Bill Birch seemingly DOA.  DC and Warner Brothers really need to get their act together.  Can't they see all the potential in a quality, properly done Shazam! movie? One of my first posts on this blog was a Shazam manifesto and its more relevant now than ever before.

At the very least, Captain Marvel is getting some exposure through his appearances in animated projects, such as Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave & The Bold and Young Justice, and the Superman/Shazam! DVD short, even if the comic books and movies seemed to abandon him.

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