Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Popeye #2

In the second issue of POPEYE, writer Roger Langridge contributes the cover art.  While it would have been a nice variant, his drawing is a little weak to be the main cover.  Langridge's story, "The Worm Returns" is a domestic drama, dealing with Olive Oyl getting involved with an actor who is a con man. Like issue one, the story is light on humor.  Once again, I would urge Langridge to kick the humor up a notch or two.  The art by Ken Wheaton is... well, kind of confusing. In the Official Popeye Fan Club News Magazine, Ken Wheaton's artwork is very slick and polished.  A great hybrid of Segar and Fleischer.
Ken Wheaton's Fan Club art
But in POPEYE #2, Wheaton's art is much more stiff and crude.  It's like he was ordered to imitate the style of issue #1's Bruce Ozella.
Ken Wheaton's art from POPEYE #2
This issue also has a back up story featuring Professor O.G. Watasnozzle.  It was all right, but nothing special.  Overall, POPEYE #2 gets a C.

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