Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Curse Of Shazam, part 9

Chapter 9 of Curse Of Shazam in JUSTICE LEAGUE #16, begins in New Jersey, where Sivana and Sloth locate the next Deadly Sin imprisoned in human form, Pride.  Then we cut back to Capt... er, Shazam and Black Adam where we left off last issue.  Once again we have a "hit yourself in the head" bad moment, when Capt... er, Shazam exclaims how much cooler Black Adam's costume is than his own. **groan**  Adam then proceeds to hand Capt... er, Shazam a big can of whup-ass. Bleeding and terrified, Capt... er, Shazam flees from Adam into a crowd and transforms back into Billy (who has the same facial cuts and bleeding as Capt... er, Shazam had), and runs off to hide and cower behind a dumpster as Adam screams how he will find him sooner or later.

This chapter was interesting.  But "interesting" does not equal "good".  Interesting how Johns has taken this character from tough, streetwise punk, to goofy dorky man-child, and now a terrified soul.  Interesting how Billy and his alter ego now share injuries.  Interesting how Johns still strives to make Black Adam the cooler character at Billy's expense.  This chapter earns a C.

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