Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: Popeye #8

This issue, as usual, is written by Roger Langridge.  The art this time is by Vince Musacchia, who renders a good and polished look.  I like that colorist Luke McDonnell correctly colors Popeye's hair red, a fact often overlooked.  Vince's art is very much inspired by Segar, but a bit more fluid.  The story starts as a romantic comedy with Pappy as the unlikely leading man.  This portion has the most humor, and is very enjoyable.  The story then segues into a treasure hunt, as the lady Pappy has been courting turns out to be the Sea Hag, who is wants the treasure map tattooed on Pappy's back. They all race to get tho the buried treasure first, which contains a magical bracelet.  Sea Hag gets the bracelet, but Popeye gets instructions with a key to a safe deposit box where the other bracelet is kept.  As they all converge on the bank, Olive gets the first bracelet away from the Sea Hag, and Popeye throws both bracelets into the ocean.  Popeye also finds that Pappy, despite his crust exterior, kept a photo album in the safety deposit box of Popeye's baby pictures.

An enjoyable story with very good artwork, this issue earns a B.

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