Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Upcoming Captain Marvel comics

Not only do we have Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart's highly anticipated Thunderworld featuring the Captain Marvel of Earth-5, in two weeks, but just announced is a two issue spin off of the upcoming Convergence event featuring the original Fawcett version of Captain Marvel, i.e. pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths Earth-S, by Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner. Between Thunderworld and the Convergence: Shazam microseries, the bad taste of the DCnu52 hoodie wearing "Shazam" who was a jerk in Curse of Shazam  and currently in Justice League has become the idiot clown sidekick to Cyborg, Costello to his Abbott, is sure to be wiped away.  Now, as readers of this blog may point out, I have been somewhat critical of Parker's scripts on Batman '66. Even though he hasn't, in my opinion, been able to really grasp that series, he is a good writer, and has in fact turned in several good Batman '66 stories, and a couple great ones.  Plus he turns in stellar work for  Dynamite Comics, such as for Flash Gordon. I am confident his Convergence: Shazam script will be some of his better work. Artist Evan Shaner is a lifelong Captain Marvel fan, and it is great he gets an opportunity to draw the character.  Convergence: Shazam should be on sale mid-Spring.

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