Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review: Three Stooges Merry Stoogemas

The latest issue of The Three Stooges, the fifth issue, aka Merry Stoogemas, opens with a new story, "A Three Stooges Christmas". Written by Mark Arnold, a typical Christmas Eve with the Boys is presented, featuring malapropism, using candy canes as weapons, and presents from Santa Claus. Brendon and Brian Fraim turn in their usual excellent artwork.  The second story, "Have Yourself a Meowy Little Stoogemas", is written by SA Check, with art by Bill Galavan, who turns in very Norman Mauer inspired art. The plot deals with the Boys working at a pet store where they sell an ugly cat to a man who wants to give it to his daughter.  The cat escapes the cage, and the Boys chase the man to get the cat to him, in the process going thru a mall, and taking the place of an inner-city Santa.  The third story is a reprint from The Three Stooges # 7 from 1953, by Norman Mauer.  It's kind of a strange selection, considering Mauer's heel character Benedict Bogus takes the spotlight, with Moe, Larry, and Shemp reduced to supporting roles. The issue closes with a detailed full page ad for the Three Stooges reprint trading cards, a text piece on American Mythology's first year of publishing, and mock Stooges movie poster.  Oh, look.  The back cover has an ad for the TPB reprinting of this Stooges series.  Hey... there's a quote from me!  That's it... I made the big time!  This issue "earns an A".  Actually, it earns a B, but the back cover earns an A.

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