Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Review: Shazam! #6

This issue picks up with Captain Shazam and Sexy Shazam breaking free from King Kid and searching for the others.  There is an interlude with the fight between Sivana and Black Adam, where in between punches, Adam gives the same kind of over-explanatory speech that was mocked in the movie.  The effects of the fight causes Billy and Mary to magically pop back into the Vasquez house, where Billy comes face to face with his dad.  Billy's dad tells him where he was born and how they moved to Philadelphia and reveals he was a criminal and served time in prison.  He wants to take Billy and search for his mother.  Cut to the Gamelands where Latino Shazam and Asian Shazam are playing the video game to try to escape, when Wizard Shazam does a Batman-like entrance, pissed and looking like he's ready to strip the powers away from the kids.  Cut back to King Kid who mentions for the sake of the reader that there will be a war between kids and adults.  And the issue ends with Mary revealing to the Vasquezes she's a superhero.

Once again, Geoff "The Snake" Johns turns in a mediocre script.  It almost reads like a recap issue, which I thought was a weird way to advance the story, for what little advancement there is.  The artwork by Marco Santucci, Dale Eaglesham, and Scott Kolins is OK but kind of generic.  Once again I could say this book needs a new writer and needs to add Mayo "Sen" Naito as artist, but at this point, I wish DC would cancel this series and replace it with a Thunderworld/Earth-5 series of the "real" Captain Marvel.  But what do I know, I'm just a fan, and as this series and the movie prove, fans are very low on the totem pole of DC's priorities. This issue earns a D.

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