Monday, August 8, 2011

The new Man Of Steel revealed

Warner Brothers released the first image of Henry Cavill as Superman for the upcoming movie, The Man Of Steel.

I really like this. Infinitely better than the Brandon Routh costume. The dork in me will point out the "S" emblem is very retro, looking like the one from the costumes worn by Kirk Alyn (the serials) and George Reeves (the TV show). Also the design on the sleeve wrists look just like the artwork from Superman's first appearance in 1938's "Action Comics" #1 (the wrist design disappeared after that one issue). The colors are a little darker than the traditional comics, but it still looks "correct", unlike the hues used on the Superman Returns costume.  My only complaint would be I think they went overboard on the scale texture. I really hope the all-yellow "S" is on the back of the cape. Also the composition of the photo itself, of Superman in front of an over sized safe door, is similar to one of the panels from "Action Comics" #1.  This tells me director Zach Snyder will not be emulating the Christopher Nolan Batman films (a series I'm not too fond of) of shoehorning a superhero into an ultra-realistic setting, but may be going the Sam Raimi Spider-Man route of painstakingly recreating the earliest comics. There also seems to be a slight Tim Burton feel to the photo as well.  Snyder has also said his Superman will have lots of action, unlike all the previous movies and TV series, which were very light on action preferring to focus more on relationships.  All this has me anticipating The Man Of Steel.  The one thing that could negate the excitement is the realization David Goyer is writing the script. Not too fond of his work, so hopefully Snyder or some script doctors will be on hand to make the script the best it could be. So far, it's looking good.
UPDATE: Some candid photos of Cavill in the Superman costume got online confirming the cape does not have the yellow "S" emblem, and there are no red trunks. In these pics, the costume looks too much like Captain Marvel Jr's.  Without the cape's "S" emblem and the red trunks, the costume looks incomplete.  Some of the enthusiasm from the original released photo has evaporated, unfortunately.


X-Ray Man said...

Hey Pal,
I have mixed feelings bout the new Superman costume, though I think Cavill has the look. I love the fact that the “S” hearkens back to the Earth-2 Superman.
Regarding the reboot, I am not a fan of it. Making Superman a socialist irks me to say the least. Social justice has been a banner to slowly eat away at individual liberty over the past few years, so saying socialist roots makes me think more of the Superman from the Red Son storyline. Give me the classic Truth, Justice, and the American way any day. DC can keep this new “political” Superman. I will stick with my classic books from the past, because the future of the Man of Steel looks pretty dark.
Superman appeals to many fans from all political beliefs, do we really need to alienate fans by making Superman a new tool for to promote a political agenda that does not have a broad base outside of New York City, California, and Washington D.C.? I want to escape reality in a comic book. I don't want every aspect of entertainment to have a political agenda.
From a broader standpoint, so many programs our government has instituted to fight social ills has failed miserably. Welfare has skyrocketed, unemployment benefits keeps getting extended, money floods the education system, but no appreciable results other than lower test scores. I am for “hand ups” in our society, not “hand outs”.
Social ills are best addressed by the generosity of the American people in the private sector and philanthropies. People are more generous when giving is from the heart, not confiscated and redistributed from an over-bloated and inefficient government.
Sorry, I started to ramble and give you more than you asked for. Suffice it to say, I want classic Superman, not “loving liberal” Superman.

J said...

Wow, they really went overboard on the scale patterning... I really wish they'd all do away with that texture. I always thought it looked dumb in Raimi's Spider-Man movies and then every other "tights" movie picked it up like it was a new religion or something. Also, they should do something with his hair because it looks too coifed, like the parody version of Alec Baldwin's hair in Madagascar 2 on his character. It makes it seem like he has a hair-helmet on. It does kind of hearken back to the old serials and all, but there's homages, lack of inspiration and then there's just doing it wrong. This is more of the latter two.

Still, I'm hopeful that the new movie will do the character justice, but we all know how the hype of a director from a different successful series can lead to horrible, horrible things... even if he's just the producer this time and not the director, like Singer.

Shazamaholic said...

I am really liking the retro "S" emblem. I saw some candid, close up pics, and I think it may be my favorite of them all. I only wish they would have put the all yellow one on the back of his cape. It would have been cool if they used some kind of fiber optic thread, that would give the cape emplem a glow.

I'm getting used to the suit without the trunks. It's good they also got rid of the belt. Superman doesn't need a utility belt, so if there are no trunks, he shouldn't have a belt either.

What I don't understand about the hair, is Cavill has natural wavy hair with a natural forehead curl... yet they are greasing it down in the candid pics (it doesn't look anything like the initial "hair-helmet" of the publicity photo).

My biggest concern is the story: retelling the origin and recycling the Zod storyline again. Retelling the origin would be acceptable if they can do it in a unique way, but why are they going with Zod for the villain again? Why not Brainiac, a villain whose name, if not the actual character, has entered the American language and pop culture almost equal to Superman himself? At least there's no Luthor (yet).