Thursday, August 18, 2011

Popeye: "War Of The Nightclubs"

As I reported in a previous post, Popeye will be returning to comic books in an all-new series from IDW.  To celebrate this, I thought I would post an original Popeye short story I wrote for the Official Popeye Fanclub a few years ago.  In this story, I wanted to combine the best elements of E.C. Segar's comic strips and Max Fleischer's cartoons, a path I hope IDW will also take (but leave out the weak attempts to be topical, like the "Iron Giant" line, something I wish I could edit out).  Special thanks to Mike Brooks, president of the Official Popeye Fanclub, and to Donnie Pitchford, who did the artwork for the story.  Donnie is also currently the writer-artist of the new Lum and Abner comic strip, which everyone should check out, and request their local newspaper to pick up for their Sunday funnies.

To see the scans in a larger size, just click on each page, then left click on the image and right click "Properties". On the pop up, copy and paste the address (URL) in a new tab or window. Then click on the new image to make it larger.   Simple, huh?

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

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