Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review: Batman '66 #10

This issue opens with a Mr Freeze story that seems to be more influenced by Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin than with the 1966 TV show. Jeff Parker's script is kind of a let down, as so many things in it echo the Schumacher movie.  Its stories like this that make me wish DC would look to other writers to contribute to the series.  As I said in my previous review, Andy Fish would be a perfect writer for Batman '66. David Williams' art is good but not outstanding.  It's a rare occasion when the shorter second story is better than the lead.  Focusing on Batgirl, and bringing back TV character Lisa Carson, whom King Tut once kidnapped, she now has a similar split personality, believing herself to be Cleopatra.  Parker turns in a script that is much better than his lead story, and the art by Joelle Jones is superb, with some excellent renderings of both Batgirl and Cleopatra. The second story is strong enough to pull the whole issue up one full grade, earning it a B-.

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