Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Convergence: Shazam #2

The 2nd issue of the pre-Crisis Earth-S Marvel Family micro-series continues the high quality set forth by writer Jeff Parker and artist Doc Shaner in the first issue, but yet isn't quite as satisfying. Part of it is the inherent problem of a company wide crossover event. The first issue was an ideal Captain Marvel story in the style all us fans have been clamoring for.  But issue 2 has to get to the business of conforming to the crossover storyline, making this issue seem a little more forced.  This issue guest stars Batman, and since Batman and Captain Marvel are my two favorite heroes, this should be a great event.  And in a certain way it is... but it's the alternate reality Gotham By Gaslight Batman. It would have been so much better in my eyes if it were a Bob Kane style Golden Age Batman, or a classic Bronze Age Jim Aparo style Batman. Mr Parker and Mr Shaner, how about an issue of Batman 66 guest-starring the Jackson Bostwick/Filmation Captain Marvel, using the Legends of the Superheroes TV specials as the foundation?  Another thing that weighs this issue down is the fact we don't get  Doc Shaner sketches like in the first issue.  Instead it's a sneak peek of an upcoming Constatine book, and a multi-page advertisement for the "New DC Universe", which is really just the same old crappy "New 52" (really, guys... you're not even making the Earth-5 Marvel Family's Thunderworld Adventures an on-going series...epic fail right there). Never the less, Parker and Shaner bring their A game.  Parker continues to get the former Fawcett characters' personalities spot on, and he has a very unique and brilliant inter-transformation scene between Billy and Captain Marvel, that is punctuated by Shaner's artwork. As with issue 1, there are lots of cameos and Easter Eggs. This issue earns an A-.

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