Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mini-Review: Justice League #30-31; Do Not Let Geoff Johns Be Involved With The Shazam Movie

For Captain Marvel fans, this is sad. Sad, but expected.  In Curse of Shazam, Geoff Johns really went out of his way to rebrand Billy Batson as some kind of 21st Century Dead End Kid (or Sweathog).  But as soon as he became Captain Mar... er, Shazam, it was back to the stupid "adult acting like a retarded kid with lots of fart jokes" shtick.  Captain Shazam's appearances in Justice League #30 and 31 has Johns taking it to the next level.  There is no sign of the complex, brooding Billy.  Rather we get dufus Shazam acting like Ashton Kutcher doing a parody of Big on a Saturday Night Live skit.  Awe at Johns' amazing dialogue like (in a totally 80s Valley accent), "We should totally train together, Superman, see who's stronger". Or "That's badass."  Or "This stuff is kinda nasty."  Yes, it is very nasty, Johns... very nasty.  Thrill to Shazam's mighty magical powers when he speaks the inspiring incantation while wearing a hoodie, "Uh, powers of Shazam... show me what I want for the League. ALA-KA-ZAMM!" ...and a ping pong table materializes.  This is beyond sad, this is beyond nasty, this is embarrassing.  Please DC and Warner Brothers... do not let Geoff Johns have any creative involvement in the Shazam movie! Keep him away from it at all costs!  You must bring in Alex Ross to be the creative consultant and an associate producer!  Unlike Johns, Alex Ross will insure Captain Marvel is portrayed on the silver screen correctly, and he will fight hard to see that the movie is good.  I cannot wait for the ThunderWorld one-shot to be published later this year. I'm hoping the Grant Morrison-Cameron Stewart interpretation of the Earth-5 Marvel Family will get us back to where we should be with the characters, and it sells well enough to spin-off an ongoing series, something Curse of Shazam couldn't do for obvious reasons.

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Captain Marvel Talk! said...

I think that you do not have to worry. It seems that Warner Bros. has moved on from Geoff Johns (and Bill Birch). If Dwayne Johnson is Shazam, he has said that they are trying to find a writer, which likely means that Johns is no longer on the movie.